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Reduced support

Posted: Mon 15 Oct 2012 6:20 pm
by steve
I've been unwell for some time now, and I've been at the hospital today (which is why I haven't posted all day). I have to go back again on Thursday for an investigative procedure, and on Wednesday I will be incapacitated for some of the day because of the preparation I have to do for Thursday. The fact that I am unwell in the first place is reducing my ability to do Cumulus support.

I will probably not be able to catch up with all of the queries posted. Many of the queries posted here and sent to me by private message have answers in the FAQ or documentation anyway, but I always try to reply with at the very least a link to the FAQ or WIKI page with the answer. I've decided that for the foreseeable future I will no longer do this. So if you don't get a reply it's probably because your question has been answered in the documentation.

So PLEASE can I ask everyone to read the documentation before posting. Read the readme.txt file that you were asked to read when you installed Cumulus. Read the help file. Read the FAQ. Read the WIKI. Search the forum. And please don't send me emails or private messages with queries - ask in the forum, and hopefully someone will be able to help.