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Cumulus 1.8.0 available

Posted: Wed 24 Sep 2008 1:57 pm
by steve
Cumulus 1.8.0 is now available for download. I strongly recommend that you back up the contents of your Cumulus data folder before installing this release.

This release has the following improvements

- Added support for Davis VP/VP2 data logger
- Added support for Fine Offset data logger
- Added support for regions which use commas for decimals
- Made confirmation of shutdown optional
- Made data logging interval configurable
- Added option to synchronise VP/VP2 clock with PC

I recommend that you use the "synchronise clock" option if you are using a VP/VP2 station, to reduce the chance of problems when downloading the data from the logger.

Please let me know about any problems (I'm sure you will anyway!). This is quite a major upgrade for Cumulus. It means that you no longer need to run Cumulus 24 hours a day (if you have a station with a supported data logger).

Note that Cumulus 1.8.0 will not download any 'old' data from the logger the first time you run it. It will then keep up-to-date from that point onwards.