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Timelapse in iSpy and FTP serwer

Posted: Thu 14 Dec 2023 6:39 pm
by Dador
For some time now I have been using iSpy software to handle the image from my IP camera. Previously I used Yawcam (after Windows update, it doesn't work with my old camera), I used WebcamXP, but the free version is quite limited.
Anyway, I'm happy with iSpy. The program sends the image from the camera to the server at intervals and also creates a daily timelapse movie. And I have a problem with the latter.

I don't know how to automate uploading my daily timelapse video to an FTP server. I don't think it's in the available options, or I can't set it. Basically I see 3 solutions that would help me:

- setting a schedule for sending a timelapse video to an FTP server in iSpy;
- changed iSpy configuration to save each new video under the same name.
- getting some program (maybe CMX) to send a file, e.g. at midnight.

The biggest problem for me is that iSpy creates a separate name for each video according to the example below

Code: Select all

The format is variable and depends on the day, month, year and time of recording start.

Is there a way to upload such variable-named files to an FTP server? Maybe someone does something like this and could tell me what to do.