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Gauges showing WXSim forecast

Discussion of Mark Crossley's HTML5/Javascript gauges

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Gauges showing WXSim forecast

Post by broadstairs »

For users of WXSim I have created a small PHP script which allows the current forecast formatted by Ken True's plantext-parser script to be displayed in the rolling ticker on the gauges page of the standard CMX website or on your own custom website using the steelseries gauges.

You can see the CMX standard page at https://www.stella-maris.org.uk/CumulusMX/gauges.htm

or my own custom page at https://www.stella-maris.org.uk/Cumulus ... uges.phtml

I also have a version generated as part of a Weather Display website at https://www.stella-maris.org.uk/wxgauges.phtml

If anyone would like to try this out please let me know, it does require getting the plaintext-parser to work but otherwise the changes in CMX are minimal.


PS. I should have said send me a PM with an email address as I want to keep it restricted until I'm sure my instructions etc are OK :roll:
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Re: Gauges showing WXSim forecast

Post by dazza1223 »

yea i give it a go look nice?
Have fun and keep learning

dazza :D


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Re: Gauges showing WXSim forecast

Post by BeaumarisWX »

Hi Stuart,
As discussed via PM, your instructions easy to follow (works well).
I have implemented on my Saratoga Template only : https://beaumaris-weather.com/wxssgauges.php but not the other 3.
Thanks Again,
Kindest Regards,
Tony Beaumaris, Tasmania (AUS)

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Re: Gauges showing WXSim forecast

Post by Mapantz »

I did a similar thing for the ticker on my front page..

The "rest of tonight" "this afternoon" etc, is never more than 3 lines long for me, so I just did this:

Code: Select all

<?php $wxsim = file('plaintext.txt'); echo $wxsim[3], $wxsim[4], $wxsim[5]; ?>
Cheap and nasty, but it hasn't failed me yet!
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