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CumulusMX - Future development

Posted: Mon 24 Dec 2018 1:59 pm
by mcrossley
I have made the updated source files for the latest version of CumulusMX available here:
and the supporting files required to create a working distribution here: ... utionFiles

Steve intended that CumulusMX continued as a community developed resource in the future. Now is your chance to improve/enhance/fix your weather program.

I am willing to act as a gatekeeper, but I may ask for additional admins if the project grows and a lot of pull requests are generated.

I'd like to see this project continue as a master version with people contributing their efforts back rather than see CumulusMX fork off into the oblivion of multiple versions.

NOTE: I may not reply to all your suggestions. Do not take this to heart, I have seen them, I like to keep some post marked as unread for various reasons.