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Using steelseries gauges on a Wordpress site

Discussion of Mark Crossley's HTML5/Javascript gauges

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Using steelseries gauges on a Wordpress site

Post by GWCTas »

I realise the question I am asking is unrelated to Cumulus but hoping to get some help from the steelseries author.
I have added weather pages to our Wordpress website using a realtime.txt file format and the weather station plugin. I'd like to add the steelseries gauges and have downloaded the zip file from Github however I cannot see any guidelines as to how to implement. The realtime.txt file is created using code developed with GO but based on WeeWX. I am a newbie so any help is appreciated.


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Re: Using steelseries gauges on a Wordpress site

Post by water01 »

I suggest you look at this Topic viewtopic.php?p=152254#p152254 as they have the gauges running there https://www.bellingenweather.org/live-gauges/.

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