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Latest Cumulus MX release 3.28.5 (build 3282) - 23 February 2024

Legacy Cumulus 1 release v1.9.4 (build 1099) - 28 November 2014 (a patch is available for 1.9.4 build 1099 that extends the date range of drop-down menus to 2030)

Download the Software (Cumulus MX / Cumulus 1 and other related items) from the Wiki

FAQ/Known issues - PLEASE READ

From build 3044 the development baton passed to Mark Crossley. Mark has been responsible for all the Builds since. He has made the code available on GitHub. It is Mark's hope that others will join in this development, but at the very least he welcomes your ideas for future developments (see Cumulus MX Development suggestions).

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FAQ/Known issues - PLEASE READ

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  • Mono 4.6.2 is known to not work with Cumulus MX v3.9.1 or later. It is best to use the latest version available direct from Mono.
  • If you want to use your Cumulus 1 data with MX, and you use decimal commas, you will need to edit the .ini files to change the decimal commas into periods/full stops. The other data files will be OK.
  • If you are trying to use your Cumulus.ini file from Cumulus 1, you will need to make sure it doesn't contain any non-ASCII characters
  • Cumulus MX doesn't change the fact that you can't run two programs at the same time with the same station, whatever those programs are, unless you have something in the middle handling the multiple connections (e.g. Virtual VP for Davis stations)
  • If a settings screen shows red contents (red text and red boxes), invalid data is present which must be corrected before the form can be sent. One or more items on the page will have an error message.
  • Cumulus MX doesn't create any image files Since b3071 it does generate a Moon image, but it does not generate graph images.
  • Cumulus MX on Windows requires .NET 4.6 and hence will not run on the obsolete Windows XP
  • The requirement to run as root/administrator may possibly be removed at some point
  • When you install a new version of Cumulus MX (i.e when upgrading from one version to another), be sure to copy all of the files from the release zip file into your MX installation, and force a refresh of the interface pages in your browser. You can optionally just copy the files that I name as having changed in the announcement, but the risk is that I might have missed a changed file from the list. No settings or data are overwritten by the update.
  • Some setting changes don't take effect until you restart Cumulus MX
  • Note that the change to date/time formats in webtags also applies to NOAA report file formats., if you carry over your old settings
  • The 'extra files' editor updates automatically when a field is changed. You can press 'enter' in a text field to get it to update, or move to another field
  • The remote filename for an 'extra file' must include the path (if required) as well as the file name, just as in Cumulus 1. It does not use the 'directory' setting automatically
  • Davis stations sometime supply 'error' values such as 255 for wind speed. Cumulus ignores these and may log some of them to the diags file, if you have debug logging turned on
  • Serial device names on Linux are not COM0 etc as in Windows. You need to specify something like /dev/ttyUSB0 - do a dmesg at a command line prompt and look for the actual device name from your adapter. If dmesg says your cp210x converter (as on Davis stations) is attached to ttyUSB0, for example, you need to put /dev/ttyUSB0 for the serial port name in MX. You can set the serial port name in the MX user interface, but if for some reason you want to do it by editing Cumulus.ini, note that the item in MX is called ComportName (which is a string, for the full device name, e.g. COM1 or /dev/ttyUSB0) rather than 'Port' which is just an integer. If you have not run MX yet, this item will not exist, so you will need to add it (in the [Station] section).
  • If you are having problems after upgrading to Windows 10, see this post - viewtopic.php?f=2&t=14148
  • Cumulus MX will not run on Windows IOT
  • The Dashboard, Now, and Gauges pages all get their data using web sockets (on the same port as HTTP). If they are not displaying data for you, you have some issue somewhere on your system preventing that from working - a firewall issue, or perhaps a browser issue. If you can't get web sockets working on your system, you could switch to using Ajax for the data. See the announcement for build 3032 for instructions.
  • If you want to use a twitter.txt file and include any characters not in the 7-bit ASCII set (e.g. degree symbols or accented characters) you need to save the file as UTF-8 (without 'BOM')
  • As with Cumulus 1, if you have extra web files configured, only tick 'process' for those files which have web tags in them, i.e. they need processing.
  • An "error [object Object]" in your browser when you try to change settings is usually caused by using a version of Mono which does not support comma decimals, but can also be caused by an invalid setting
  • Twitter have changed their authentication method, and Cumulus is now unable to perform the initial step of obtained the authentication tokens. The fix requires significant change to the code and I have no forecast for this

Known Issues
  • There are issues with 'decimal commas' - particularly in the user interface, but also in the 'engine' All fixed afaik
  • At some browser widths, the menu wraps and obscures some of the content
  • Realtime ftp may not recover from network/server issues - fixed in 3048
  • TCP/IP data stops when using Virtual VP (and possibly other Davis TCP/IP connections?) - fixed in 3017 3018
  • Davis UV is 10x too high from logger data (error in Davis protocol spec) - fixed in 3019
  • FTP uploads can go to wrong directory if there are connection issues - fixed in 3021
  • Davis UV graph is in integers if you use decimal commas - fixed in 3022
  • Doesn't check for out of range Lux figures (Fine Offset) - fixed in 3022
  • Davis data stops being read
  • End of day reset code gets the date of day just ending wrong for 0900 rollovers
  • Should calculate rain rate for Instromet stations - fixed in 3042
  • RainLast24Hour in dashboard data is always zero - fixed in 3042
  • The one second read timeout introduced in 3041 for Davis stations is not long enough for Weatherduino - needs to be configurable - fixed in 3042
  • Doesn't use configured FTP port - fixed in 3042
  • Sunshine hours not updated when using Davis archive data - fixed in 3042
  • Web tag date format strings cannot contain the ">" character - fixed in 3047
  • Monthly records are initialised to the date CumulusMX is first run until they are set for real - fixed in 3047
  • The diary feature is recording the entry against the previous day for some users - fixed in 3047
  • Web tag <#YearLowDailyTempRangeD> is broken in b3047
  • Monthly Records editor does not save the date/time - fixed in 3061
  • Station wind chill broken for WLL stations, use the "Cumulus calculates wind chill" option for now -fixed in 3070
  • There is a memory leak when using Davis WeatherLink Live stations and running under Mono on Linux
  • B3097 historic temperature graph fails if Dew Point values are enabled, and your dayfile contains entries with no dew point values - fixed in 3098
  • The daily graph data files are empty on startup when using the WMR100 station type
  • b3100 The ServiceConsole.txt file is not created on Windows
  • b3100 NOAA monthly report does not fully honour the dot decimal setting
  • b3100 historic temperature graph broken if humidex is enabled (JavaScript issue)