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Re: Cumulus MX Announcements and Download - PLEASE READ FIRST

Posted: Tue 03 Jan 2023 11:46 am
by mcrossley
A new version of ExportToMySQL v1.7.0 that works with CMX v3.23.0 is now available

Re: Cumulus MX Announcements and Download - PLEASE READ FIRST

Posted: Tue 03 Jan 2023 5:07 pm
by mcrossley
The Raspberry Pi image has been updated to ver 3.23.0 by @dazza

Re: Cumulus MX Announcements and Download - PLEASE READ FIRST

Posted: Tue 10 Jan 2023 3:54 pm
by mcrossley
Patch release 3.23.1 - build 3221 is available for download.

  • Adds dew point to extra sensor graphing
  • Add extra sensors to the dashboard select-a-chart
  • Davis WLL now fully falls back to the local API current conditions for rain and wind data if broadcasts stop being received for 30 seconds
    • There is now a new Advanced setting for the WLL: Trigger DataStopped on Broadcast stop
      - Previously if broadcasts stopped being received, a full DataStopped condition and alarm was triggered
      - Now CMX falls back to using the local API for all data
      - This new configuration setting allows you to set the DataStopped only when both broadcasts AND local API responses stop being received
  • Extra sensor graphs stopping at month end
  • Start-up/rollover backups were copying Custom logs to the CMX root folder rather than the backup folder
  • Davis WLL not updating the gust value if broadcast data stops being received
    • Missing "&" on soil temperatures
    • producing an exception message when it has already logged the response as invalid
  • Log file editor broken in v3.23.0
EDIT: An outdated JS file was in the original zip, correct version attached here:

Re: Cumulus MX Announcements and Download - PLEASE READ FIRST

Posted: Wed 08 Mar 2023 3:01 pm
by mcrossley
Release 3.24.0 - build 3231 is available for download.

This release sees a few changes to the way Cumulus MX works, so please take the time to read and understand this announcement. Even if you do not make use of any new features, changes to MXs underlying behaviour may affect you.

The major new feature in this release is the addition of a new upload mechanism for web sites. This is known as PHP Upload, and can be used as an alternative to FTP(S) or SFTP.

There is a Wiki page PHP Uploads that explains this new mechanism. In summary if you can use, then you probably should, it is faster and reduces bandwidth usage.

The other change that will affect people is that Cumulus MX no longer "needs" to create local copies of files that are being uploaded.

The default behaviour is that it will continue to do so for all the "standard" files, but if you have no need of them, then you can disable the "Create" option for all the files you use in Interval configurations. If you do this the content is written directly into the destination file bypassing the local file system. This will be of particular interest to rPi users on SD cards as it reduces the file write wear cycles.

Note also the any Extra Files you define that use processed template files will no longer create the local "filename.exttmp" file, they too are written directly to the destination file. This is something to be aware of if you copy/upload the same file to multiple destinations, in this case you should either:
1. Specify the same source template file for each upload.
2. Add an additional file entry (before the uploads) to create a local copy for subsequent uploads to use. You could even use the same "filename.exttmp" destination file to avoid having to amend the upload entries.
Option 1. is probably going to be the most efficient/fastest except perhaps for very large files.

Note: This release introduces two new sub-directories - x86 & x64 - it is essential you copy these folders out of the zip, they are required for the new 32/64 bit support.

Here is a list of all the changes in this release:

  • Strings.ini is now created and used by all instances, it has also added to the backup routine
  • Adds customisable graph data series colours to the dashboard and default web site
  • Two new web tags for signed string values of pressure and temperature trends

    Code: Select all

  • A new web tag for the station pressure (the absolute pressure reading) <#stationpressure>
  • The data visibility has been changed from a simple off/on to a tri-state. You can now select between: Hidden | Visible | Dashboard Only
    • Visible means the data will be shown on both the local dash and the default web site
    • Dashboard Only means the data can only be viewed on the CMX local interface
      You may wish to use this to hide sensitive data like indoor temperatures on the public web site which can indicate if you are home or not
    • Any data previous flagged as Visible, will migrate to the new Visible state, however there are new visibility settings for extra sensors.
      If you have extra sensors configured, then you will have to perform a one-off task to flag the ones you want to see
  • Extra Sensor graph data can now be sent to the default web site
  • You can now send an additional four extra temperature readings to Weather Underground
  • New PHP upload alternative to FTP/SFTP
    • This uses a secure PHP script on your web server to upload the data rather than using an FTP service
    • The graph recent data files are sent incrementally using this mechanism, cutting bandwidth usage
      • On starting CMX a full copy of each data file is sent
      • Thereafter only the new data for the interval is sent, and the PHP upload script appends this to the existing file, and trims out old data
  • The generation of local copies of the data files is now optional
    • You can deselect the "Generate" option if you do not require a file to be written to the CMX folders. This will reduce disk I/O, a concern for rPi users with SD cards
  • Adds the HighCharts accessibility module to all charts with the default basic settings. See:-
  • Adds the simplified NOAA cooling/heating day calculation to the NOAA reports settings
  • Cumulus MX will now run as a 64 bit application on 64 bit operating systems
  • You can now use the Ecowitt WS90 haptic rain sensor for "Is Raining" if you are using a tipping bucket sensor as the primary rain sensor
    • See Station Options | Common Options
  • Some entry errors in the settings screen used to output a invalid pattern and regex message. They now output an English language message
  • The Dashboard page can now shows times in your locale format (12/24 hour) - See Program Settings | General Options
  • Moved the existing Graph and Display settings from Station Settings to a new Display Settings page
  • Custom Logs settings screen now shows examples with the correct CSV separator for the CMX locale
  • Tempest station now forces the UDP listening port to be opened in shared mode under Mono
  • The "Stop second instance" option has been rewritten. It now only prevents two instances *using the same port* from running
    • This change means for it to work, ALL running instances must be v3.24.0 or later
  • Alarm email sends are now retried twice on failure
  • Adds missing Wind Chill from the historic graphs on the dashboard and default web site
  • Now ignores AirLink zero values when the percent in last hour is also zero. This occurs during a restart of AirLink
  • Third party custom rollover URLs overwriting custom minute values on save
  • The monthly data editors were not handing start/end dates of the first of the month correctly when using a 9am rollover
  • The <#altimeterpressure> web tag was defaulting to using 1 decimal place for all units
  • Dashboard menu wrapping
  • Davis VP2/Vue LOOP2 absolute pressure values < 20 inHg are now ignored. Altimeter pressure is set to sea level pressure, station pressure = 0
  • Extra temp/hum/dewpoint not being saved for sensor #10
  • Ecowitt Local API failing to reconnect after network outage
  • Local API calls:

    Code: Select all

  • Redundant web tags <#leaftemp[1-4]>

Re: Cumulus MX Announcements and Download - PLEASE READ FIRST

Posted: Sat 11 Mar 2023 2:14 pm
by mcrossley
Patch Release 3.24.1 - build 3234 is available for download.

This fixes the issues reported in v3.24.0 and is a recommended update to that release.

  • Implements the dashboard time format override - just on the Dashboard and Today/Yesterday screens for now
    - Configure in Program settings | Culture Over-rides
  • Adds Station Pressure support for Ecowitt API, Ecowitt HTTP, Ambient HTTP, and EasyWeather stations
  • Extra sensor graph data files now use the customised sensor names
  • The "recent" daily data graphs (daiyrain.json, dailytemp.json, sunhours.json) are now treated like End-of-day files and only created at start-up and daily rollover
  • The graph config files availabledata.json and graphconfig.json are now only uploaded at start-up or on a config change
  • Updates ExportMySQL to v1.8.0 to be compatible with v3.24.0 or later
  • Issues in 3.24.0 with Select-a-graph not working on the dashboard and default web site
  • Extra sensor names not saving in Locale strings
  • Extra Dew Point graph data file was empty
  • The initial PHP Upload of graph data files sent 7 days of data regardless of the Graph Hours setting

Re: Cumulus MX Announcements and Download - PLEASE READ FIRST

Posted: Wed 15 Mar 2023 11:00 am
by mcrossley
Patch Release 3.24.2 - build 3235 is available for download.

This fixes the issues reported in v3.24.0 & v3.24.1 and is a recommended update to those releases.

Apologies for the rapid releases, but there are important bugs that need fixing. The introduction of the PHP upload mechanism meant some extensive changes to the code base and that gives the gremlins an opportunity to do their stuff.

  • Extra Files now allows you to use the variables <custinterval1> thru <custinterval10> in the source and destination fields to specify custom log files to be uploaded/copied
  • Copy/Upload Now! gets a new option to transfer the latest NOAA monthly/year reports
  • Copy/Upload Now! the upload of full rather than incremental versions of graph data files is now optional
  • Davis VP2 logger suppression of full logger downloads if CMX is stopped and immediately restarted fractionally after a logging interval
  • Extra Files with EOD flag having "tmp" appended to all source files
  • Not running as a 64 bit application on Windows
  • NOAA report PHP uploads were no using the UTF8 flag
  • Davis WLL using "stale" current wind gust data
  • Daily graphs not being uploaded/copied after day reset

Re: Cumulus MX Announcements and Download - PLEASE READ FIRST

Posted: Mon 24 Apr 2023 10:11 am
by mcrossley
Release 3.25.0 - build 3241 - is available for download.

NOTE: This release REQUIRES Mono version 6.8 or later to run on Linux
This guide on the Mono web site may help you upgrade if required.

This release sees the introduction of a totally new file upload method for your web sites. This does not use FTP(S) or SFTP, but uploads using HTTP(S) to a PHP script you place in the root folder of your web site. This doe of course require that your site is PHP enabled.

NOTE: It is not a requirement to change to using the PHP Upload method. The existing FTP/FTPS/SFTP methods remain fully supported and operational.

The advantages of the new method are speed, bandwidth reduction, and removing reliance on hosting companies sometimes "flakey" FTP support.
The HTTP upload can be significantly faster for many small files such as we typically upload.
The bandwidth is reduced because the new method only uploads the full copy of graph data files at the first upload, thereafter only the new data to added to the file is sent.

Is it secure? Well yes of course, it uses a shared "secret" that you configure in CMX and the upload script you put on your web site. The data sent is processed using this secret to produce a secure hash of the data and this is sent along with the data. The receiving script performs the same secure hashing of the data and compares the signature it generates with the one sent by CMX if they do not match the upload request is not allowed. Alongside this a time stamp is added to the data and included in the hash; this prevents the same message being replayed by a third party.

There is a Wiki page on configuring and using the new PHP Upload mechanism here.

This release also sees the introduction of the ability to forward Ecowitt HTTP data to multiple other destinations. I added this because the Ecowitt stations/gateways only allow the configuration of a single custom destination, and people often have multiple programs they want to send the data to. I have flagged this as "experimental" for now due to the limited testing that has been done on it - I used it during my development testing to send the data to two instances of CMX.

The change list is as follows:

  • Add data forwarding for HTTP (Ecowitt) stations (EXPERIMENTAL for now)
  • Adds Leaf Wetness as a recent and select-a graph option - also added to chart colour picker
  • Local API, graph data requests now support the URL parameter start=nnnnn where nnnnn = Unix timestamp for first data values
  • The number of concurrent PHP uploads can be configured in Internet Settings | Web/Upload site | Advanced Settings (defaults Windows=4, Mono=1)
  • Non-linear calibrations can now be applied to all applicable values
  • A new download file/upload to web option:- HTTP Files
    • This allows you to download a file from any http URL and either save it locally, or upload it to your web site
    • This can be done at any interval, starting when CMX starts
    • Or you can specify a start time and interval. For example you want to download a forecast image that is updated at 06:00, 12:00, 18:00
      - You could specify an interval of 6 hours starting at 06:01. The image will then be downloaded at 06:01, 12:01 and 18:01
  • Custom MySQL commands now have a new option of Timed updates. These work the same as the HTTP Files timed uploads

  • Deprecate the StartDate entry in cumulus.ini. The new entry is called StartDateIso and has a consistent format across locales of YYYY-MM-DD
    The existing entry will be migrated and removed automatically
  • Switched to the latest current build of FluentFTP as a fix is now been incorporated for Mono errors
    - This has meant a change to the FTP logging processes. FTP logs are now created in the MXdiags folder, and cycled like the main CMX log files
  • All HTTPS operations (Third Party, Custom, Catch-up from cloud etc) now use TLS 1.2 and TLS 1.3 only
  • Real-time FTP/SFTP upload of realtimegauges.txt could corrupt concurrent FTP/SFTP interval uploads of processed files
  • Extra web files was performing the EOD copy before the daily graphs had been created
  • Possible fix for Child process count increasing when using PHP upload
  • The monthly and extra data log file editors now show the correct date for 9/10am rollover configurations before the daily rollover
  • Real time SFTP not reconnecting when SFTP object is null or not connected
  • The following processes now abort processing if they are called before the core met data is available
    Custom Interval Logs, Custom MySQL: Realtime, Interval, and Timed commands
  • Real time FTP login was sometimes being attempted even if FTP was disabled completely - occurred if the real time FTP option was left enabled
  • 24 hour times on the dashboard showing as 24:nn after midnight rather than 00:nn

Re: Cumulus MX Announcements and Download - PLEASE READ FIRST

Posted: Sat 13 May 2023 4:41 pm
by mcrossley
Patch Release 3.25.1- build 3244 is available for download.

  • Adds the station name to the main dashboard page and email subject
  • NOAA report selectors no longer limited to years greater than 2000
  • Tempest station now forces MX to calculate the average wind speed
  • Leaf wetness sensor name changes not being saved in Locale strings
  • Leaf wetness graph data empty for Davis sensors
  • Average wind speed calculation for Davis VP, Davis WLL (when calibration applied), Imet, Tempest, WS2300 stations
  • Another average wind speed calculation for Davis VP and Davis WLL (when broadcasts are not being received)
  • Dashboard Local Time block - again!
  • Zero length string error processing web tags
  • Graph colours for PM2.5 and PM10 getting set to the same value
  • Uncaught exception (TaskList has null entry) in PHP uploads
  • 100% CPU bug in the new HTTP files on first processing of each file
  • Revert TLS1.2/1.3 changes in v3.25.0
  • Extensive HTTPClient code optimisations
  • Fix year bug reading from monthly log in NOAA monthly report generation
  • Fix spurious TokenParser messages from various external task executions

Re: Cumulus MX Announcements and Download - PLEASE READ FIRST

Posted: Thu 01 Jun 2023 1:32 pm
by mcrossley
Patch Release 3.25.2- build 3245 is available for download.

This is for Davis WLL and/or AirLink users, there are no other changes.

  • Davis WLL/AirLink not doing historic catch-up or downloading stats from
Only the CumulusMx.exe file has changed.

Re: Cumulus MX Announcements and Download - PLEASE READ FIRST

Posted: Wed 09 Aug 2023 11:15 am
by mcrossley
Release 3.26.0 - build 3248 - is available for download.

Note the fix for Davis average wind speed spikes on start-up only comes into effect on restarts of v3.26. The initial start-up after upgrading from a previous release will not be fixed.

There is an updated version of ExportToMySQL - v1.9.1 - to accompany this release.

  • MQTT has a new behaviour - Only update a topic if the data has changed
    • If you add a new property called "doNotTriggerOnTags" to a topic, you can specify a list of web tokens. Adding this property with at least one entry triggers the new behaviour.
    • The web tokens in the list are excluded from the comparison process, so for instance if you include a timestamp in your topic, you can exclude this from the change detection.
      For example:

      Code: Select all

      			"topic": "CumulusMX/TempUpdate",
      			"data": "\"time\":\"<#timehhmmss>\",\"temp\":<#temp rc=y>",
      			"retain": false,
      			"doNotTriggerOnTags": "timehhmmss"
      Which now will only send a new MQTT message when CMX first starts, then only when the "#temp" value changes.
  • Adds new alarm for any all-time record being set
  • Adds new alarm "Web upload errors" for errors in the FTP/PHP upload processes
  • Adds the ability to append free text comments to the wxnow.txt file. You can also include web tags
  • New web tag for recent rainfall - <#RecentRain> - it takes the same parameters as the other RecentXxxx web tags, and defaults to today's total if the parameters are incorrect or no recent data is available
  • New web tag for Ecowitt sensor radio reception strength - <#EcowittReception>
    • By default it returns a string of comma separated sensor names and value. eg "WH80=4,WH41CH1=3"
    • You can add a parameter "format=json" - <#EcowittReception format=json> - and it will return a valid JSON string. eg. {"WH80":4,"WH41CH1":3}
    • The values are updated every 20 minutes along with the battery info
  • The existing web tag <#txbattery> now also supports the format=json parameter which functions the same as #EcowittReception tag above
  • New alternative name for the existing web tag <#GW1000FirmwareVersion>, you can now use <#EcowittFirmwareVersion>
  • Adds Custom MySQL commands for when Cumulus starts up. These will be executed after the station is initialised, but before it starts any historic catch-up or live processing
  • Various third party libraries updated to current versions
  • PHP upload now sends a text/plain content header
  • Davis WLL and Airlink now use the new simplified access method to V2 API
  • MX now persists the internal recent wind data across restarts so gust and average speeds are consistent on a quick stop/start of MX
  • PWS passwords are now URL encoded
  • Solar irradiation and theoretical solar are now stored as integers everywhere
  • Extra end of day files not being processed on copy
  • Davis VP2 stations creating incorrect values for Wind Run and Chill Hours if some logger data is missing
  • Instromet station now forces MX to calculate the average wind speed
  • FTP logging errors when FTP logging is already enabled at start-up
  • Updating MySQL on DayFile edits was erroring with a blank SQL statement
  • Davis stations spike in average wind speed on stop/start of CMX

Re: Cumulus MX Announcements and Download - PLEASE READ FIRST

Posted: Sat 28 Oct 2023 3:10 pm
by mcrossley
Release 3.27.0 - build 3257 - is available for download.

Lots of updates, changes and fixes in this release.

The main new features are:

The addition of Cloud based stations for Ecowitt and Davis. These allow for a remote install to be monitored by MX via the stations cloud uploads. This may of particular interest to those with low power 3G based stations that only upload to their cloud servers. They are of course restricted to the upload rate of the station to the cloud.
LATE NOTE: There has been little testing of these new cloud stations. I would say their status at the moment is "experimental".

The addition of password protection to the MX configuration settings and editors. Note this is only basic authentication over HTTP, it is still not suitable for use over the internet. But if you run MX on a small intranet, it provides some basic protection. I plan to enhance this to use auth tokens in a future release which will allow session time limits to be applied.

You can now view the latest errors logged by MX from the utilities menu. The last 50 errors will be displayed. You may still have to view the full log file to get more context and information, but it will give you a heads-up to issues you may have

The full change log follows:

  • Adds a new station type of Ecowitt Cloud. This is intended to be used with those Ecowitt console that no not have a local API, cannot use the HTTP protocol, or are located remotely.
    • It grabs the data from the Ecowitt cloud servers. This data is updated once a minute and is slightly less rich than the locally available API data.
    • This station can also be used as a source of Extra Sensor data for your primary station
    • It also makes available the URL of the latest camera on the Ecowitt cloud server via the new web tag <#EcowittCameraUrl>
    • You can use the tag <ecowittcameraurl> in the URL field of HTTP Files to download the latest image
  • Adds a new station type of Davis Cloud
    • It grabs the data from the Davis WeatherLink cloud servers. The data is updated according to your subscription model
      • Pro+ = 1 minute updates
      • Pro = 5 minute updates
      • Free = 15 minute updates
  • Adds new Select-a-Period graphs to the dashboard interface.
    - Similar to the existing Select-a-Graph which only show recent 1 minute data, the new charts show data at your logging resolution, but you can select any start and end dates from your historic data.
    - Note: selecting a large date range can be quite slow as the data has to be read from the log files
  • You can now regenerate ALL missing NOAA reports from either the Month or Year NOAA screens
    - Note: Unlike the (Re)Generate button, the new option will not overwrite existing report files, it will only create missing ones
  • There is a new Latest Errors display in the dashboard - Utils | Latest Errors
    - By default it displays the last 50 Warnings and Errors encountered by CMX, if you are seeing too many warnings that are expected, you can opt to log only errors in Settings | Program Settings | Logging Options
  • The Cumulus settings can now be 'secured' with a username/password. NOTE: Because Cumulus does not use HTTPS these credentials can be snooped on the network, the security provided is limited.
    - This feature has required some minor changes to the Cumulus API: wsport.json, version.json, dateformat.txt, and csvseparator.txt have moved to a new path /api/info/
  • Add forwarders to Ecowitt Extra Sensors station type
  • Add an integrity check to the SQLite database on start-up
  • Internal changes to update the Visual Studio project files from the previous legacy version
  • Additional keep-alive headers added to PHP uploads
  • PHP upload now uses HTTP GET for data sizes < 7000 bytes
    - IMPORTANT: You must update the copy of upload.php on your web site with the latest version in this release
  • Dashboard gauges now follow the general dark theme
  • Adds UV-I to dashboard today/yesterday
  • PHP Upload now closes the connection before it errors - if the host server sends a maximum number of allowed requests per session
  • The following web tags have been deprecated and will be removed in some future release:

    Code: Select all

    Please switch to the new names:

    Code: Select all

  • Fix for Davis average wind spike on restarts with catch-up
  • Bug in Fine Offset console logger interval setting
  • Error saving Locale Strings page - new all-time record alarm was missing
  • Default Web Site:
    - Fix Select-a-Charts for Davis soil moisture sensors limiting the graph to a maximum value of 100 cb
    -- webfiles\js\selectachart.js
    - Fixed some rounding errors when converting windspeeds to non-native units
    -- webfiles\lib\steelseries\scripts\gauges.js
  • Ecowitt HTTP Station - fixed piezo rain rate not being decoded
  • All stations, fixed rain rate being recorded as zero in the recent graphs when MX was calculating the rate rather than the station supplying it
  • Wind average calibration is once again applied to live data when the option for MX to calculate the average is enabled
  • Davis WLL 10 minute Gust speeds when no broadcasts are being received
  • Error 500 on Locale Strings settings page
  • Fix CO₂ sensor being visible on graphs by default
  • Many Alarms were reverting the Latch Hours value to an integer on restart
  • If the graph data display options are changed whilst PHP incremental uploads are in use, then the uploads may start failing
  • Web tag #rmidnight was being reset before the EOD processing (midnight rollover)
  • Fix bug setting HTTP Ecowitt station custom server
  • AirLink Health error messages on start-up when Airlink is associated with the main station
  • Davis VP2 applying average wind speed calibration to the gust value in LOOP2 packets

Re: Cumulus MX Announcements and Download - PLEASE READ FIRST

Posted: Tue 21 Nov 2023 10:38 am
by mcrossley
Release 3.27.1 - build 3263 - is available for download.

Lots of fixes in this release, and a few new features.

  • Two new web tags for the Latest Error. These tags will encode the string for either HTML or JavaScript: <#LatestErrorEnc>, <#LatestErrorJsEnc>
  • New web tag for monthly wind run total <#windrunmonth>
    • Without parameters it returns the total for the current month so far (excluding today)
    • You can add parameters "year" and "month" to return the value for a particular month. Eg. <#windrunmonth year=2022 month=3>
    • Like the existing <#windrun> it also accepts the "unit" parameter to return the value in miles, kilometers, or nautical miles
  • PHP upload advanced option to disable the use of GET for small files and fallback to using POST for all files
  • Ecowitt stations can now map the indoor temp/hum values to the primary outdoor sensor (primarily of use for 4G stations that do not allow extra T/H sensors to be added)
  • New web tags for <#RecentApparent>, <#RecentIndoorTemp>, <#RecentIndoorHumidity>
  • All third-party upload issues are now classified as Warnings
  • Third party components for FTP(S) and SFTP updated
  • If Cumulus.ini needs rewriting it is now overwritten, if it needs recreating it is first truncated to zero length. Previously the file was deleted and recreated in both instances which made linking the file for example in Docker images impossible.
  • The records editors now set both value and date/time when you click on the record from the dayfile for monthly logs
  • The records editors now accept y/n key presses to update records or cancel
  • "Object is not initialized" error from the API when the station is not yet ready
  • MX crash on start-up if the SQLite database has certain corruptions
  • Fix for PHP uploads when no compression is supported by the server (or the network was down when MX started)
  • VP2 error message "No Ack in response to DMPAFT" on start-up
  • Ecowitt Cloud API settings are no longer mandatory for Ecowitt station (bug introduced in 3.27.0)
  • Fix for error 500 in upload.php when debug is enabled (only occurred on some servers)
  • PHP uploads using HTTP GET were uploading to the same destination file on one server. Added an Internet advanced option to disable the use of GET and fallback to using POST for all files
  • Ecowitt Extra Cloud sensor station type not starting as expected
  • Ecowitt Extra Cloud sensor station can now pick up the latest web cam URL
  • Some new record alarms not setting the email message correctly
  • Fix for wind spike testing applying unit conversion multiple times in some circumstances
  • Davis VP2, if requested changing the logger interval is now done after reading catch-up data so the archive is not cleared before catch-up
  • Fix error 500 in the config Wizard for Davis Cloud stations
  • Fix Wizard and Settings screens did not allow the entry of an IMEI number for the Ecowitt Cloud API device ID
  • Fix some potential errors in the dewpoint calculations on Ecowitt stations when using a mapped primary temp/hum sensor
  • Fix for zero length string error when parsing web tokens
  • Perform a second chance PHP upload compression test at upload intervals if no compression detected at start-up

Re: Cumulus MX Announcements and Download - PLEASE READ FIRST

Posted: Mon 11 Dec 2023 4:48 pm
by mcrossley
A new version of Create Missing (v1.4.1) is available that fixes a daily rainfall bug in v1.4.0

A first version of Create Records (v0.1.0) is available. Primarily aimed at people starting to use Cumulus MX who migrate historic data in MX format and wish to create all the records files automatically.

This is an initial release, so please check the output carefully.

Re: Cumulus MX Announcements and Download - PLEASE READ FIRST

Posted: Tue 12 Dec 2023 11:25 am
by mcrossley
Release 3.28.0 - build 3269 - is available for download.

Two areas get some loving for this release...

  • This release sees the addition of user defined alarms. You can use these to trigger actions or emails on the value of any web tag.
  • The built-in alarms text is now configurable via the Locale Strings
  • MQTT sees a breaking change to the sending of data at Intervals. The global interval time interval has been replaced with the ability to set a per topic interval. So if you currently send MQTT data at a fixed interval you will need to edit your MQTT template file to reflect the change (if you don't your data will default to being sent every 10 minutes).
    - Please read the ReadMe.txt file in the /mqtt folder for details
  • The MQTT settings have moved out of Internet Settings to their own settings page.
  • Internal performance improvements, which means that the MQTT config files are now only read at start-up or when the MQTT Settings are saved
The full change list follows...

  • Adds the option to clear the latest error log
  • Adds User Defined Alarms
    • Trigger an alarm when any numeric or boolean web tag value exceeds or falls below a set value
    • Boolean web tags evaluate to 0 or 1 (false, true), so are treated as numeric
  • You can now change the built-in alarm descriptions in the Locale Strings settings
  • Adds a new web tag <#EcowittVideoUrl> to get the URL of the latest Ecowitt camera timelapse video
  • Warning message from WLL station about spurious broadcast messages changed to a Debug message
  • All time low wind chill web tags were miss named wchillH and TwchillH. They are now wchillL and TwchillL
    • The default web site page record.htm has been changed to reflect this
    • As has the websitedataT.json file
  • Calibration and Limit values are now displayed and set in your native units
  • NOAA reports now produce an error rather than skipping over if a duplicate entry is detected in the dayfile
  • Reload dayfile now produces an error rather than skipping over if a duplicate entry is detected in the dayfile
  • The default path in the sample cumulusmx.service file has been changed to /opt/CumulusMX
  • Upload.php amended to change the maximum permitted clock difference between MX and the remote server to 20 seconds (was 10)
  • The MQTT config files are now only read at start-up or when the MQTT Settings are saved
  • The MQTT settings have been removed from Internet Settings to their own page
  • The MQTT interval data sending has changed. Previously all topics sent at the same fixed interval. Now you can specify an interval per topic in the MQTT config file
    If you are using MQTT interval topics, then please the ReadMe.txt file in the /mqtt folder for details of the changes you need to make
  • Add missing New Record and FTP alarm info to the dashboard data stream
  • Some AirLink API calls not using the correct API details when configured as Standalone
  • Indoor Temperature and Humidity spike removal not working
  • Program Setting 'Remove space character from date separators (if present)' now applies to all output
  • The Ecowitt API MAC address field was not allowed to be blank in the Wizard or station config
  • Wind Gust values not being recorded as high values with moderate spike values set and wind speed in mph or knots
  • Fix average wind speed values from the day file in the records editors
Package Updates
  • MailKit/MimeKit
  • MySqlConnector
  • ServiceStack.Text
  • SQLite
  • MQTTnet
  • FluentFTP (customised CMX version until new a build is released)

Re: Cumulus MX Announcements and Download - PLEASE READ FIRST

Posted: Mon 08 Jan 2024 3:02 pm
by mcrossley
Release 3.28.1 - build 3278 - is available for download.

Note that are changes to default web site graphs - you must upload the base files again.

Note also that I am a bit "under the weather", support from me will be limited to none for the next few days

  • PHP upload max connections per server now configurable, the default value is reduced from 20 to 5
  • Extra Web Files upload of log files now supports incremental uploads (works for all upload types: PHP, SFTP, FTP/FTPS)
    • New tick box column on the settings page "Incremental"
    • Can be used with any text file that "grows" a line at a time
  • Upload Now! page now has a tick box to force upload of incremental log files fully
  • Web tag <#OsVersion> now returns the OS description. This is better on Windows and appears to be the same on Linux
  • Final(?) fix for remove space from dates
  • Add a check for null MQTT topics
  • A bug in the MySQL timed + repeat settings
  • Error save Program Settings > RemoveSpaceFromDateSeparator
  • Fix wrong DST status issue that seems to affect some Synology NAS boxes
  • Fix record editors when editing records that have a time format of "Mon Year"
  • When Davis WLL detects a missed high wind gust it is now also added into recent wind data to be included in the calculations
Package Updates
  • FluentFTP (revert back to official release)
  • MQTTnet
  • MySqlConnector