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Editing files

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Editing files

Post by bbbratty »

Hi Folks,

I have a somewhat problematic WMR-200a which when unplugged even with batteries installed resets the entire weather station back to 2007 and introduces erroneous data like 999 degrees and exponential wind etc etc.

My question is where do I start to edit the data so that all the records are correct. I have started with the day file with the bad data but it still has the bad data recorded in the Monthly and All time areas where I can't edit because I don't know what that data was, should it do a scan on all data files to refill this data. The other thing I have noticed is when editing the said data in day-file IE : yesterdays erroneous data is still shown on the main Cumulus Screen.
What am I doing wrong here?

PS : It didn't rain yesterday.

See attached Jpg

Thanks in advance

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Re: Editing files

Post by steve »

If you correct dayfile.txt, the editors in Cumulus can recreate the all-time (etc) records from that. The data shown in the yesterday section is read from yesterday.ini, but yesterday's rain total is in today.ini. There's lots more information about editing data and descriptions of the data files in the FAQ and the wiki.
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