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wxuvforecast.php discrepancy with home page

Discussion of Ken True's web site templates

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wxuvforecast.php discrepancy with home page

Post by david3 »

I noticed that the UV strength (Low, Medium, High, Very High, Extreme) was sometimes different on the home page vs. the wxuvforecast.php page.

For example, the main page would say:

Code: Select all

UV Index Forecast     UV Index Forecast
   12/02/2014            12/03/2014
   7.6 High              7.2 High
But the wxuvforecast page would say:

Code: Select all

   Tue         Wed
   7.6         7.2
Very High      High
I think the difference is that the wxuvforecast page is rounding the numerical forecast values instead of truncating them. The 7.6 gets rounded to 8, which is considered "Very High" whereas the main page gets it as "7" which is "High".

I just changed the wxuvforecast.php script to truncate the values instead of rounding them, and that seems to fix it for me. This was the change I made:

Code: Select all

<           <td align="center"><?php echo get_uv_word(round($UVfcstUVI[$i],0)); ?></td>
>           <td align="center"><?php echo get_uv_word(floor($UVfcstUVI[$i])); ?></td>
<       $ourUVrounded = round($uv,0);
>       $ourUVrounded = floor($uv);

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