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Legacy Cumulus 1 release v1.9.4 (build 1099) - 28 November 2014 (a patch is available for 1.9.4 build 1099 that extends the date range of drop-down menus to 2030)

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Cumulus 1.9.3 released

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Cumulus 1.9.3 released

Post by steve »

Cumulus 1.9.3 (build 1059) is now available from the downloads page.

To upgrade from a previous version, just run the installer and install to the same place as your existing installation (the installer should offer this as the default). If you don't want the installer to overwrite your web templates (because you have modified yours, for example), you can deselect the option to install them during the installation. The new templates will still be installed to web\originals so that you can look at them.

Many thanks to all the beta testers.

Main changes from version 1.9.2:
  • Fixes compass flicker
  • Attempts to fix Twitter hang
  • New web tag <#DataStopped> - 1 if the station has apparently stopped sending data to Cumulus, otherwise 0
  • Display and logging of 'extra' sensors, e.g. Davis extra temperature, leaf wetness etc, WMR200 extra sensors, etc. Display screen available from the 'View' menu. Labels on the display screen can be changed via strings.ini (see provided samplestrings.ini file). Turn on display/logging of extra sensors via the 'Extra Sensors' setting on the Station config screen. I've extended the existing WMR928 extra sensor web tags to cover all of the supported sensors, and they now work for all stations which have supported extra sensors - see the help. Note that I am unable to test any of this facility.
  • Built-in viewers for 'standard' and 'extra' data logs (on the View menu)
  • 'Recent History' web tags, giving selected data values from 1 minute ago, up to 1 week ago, in 1 minute intervals. For example, <#RecentOutsideTemp d=1> gives the temperature 1 day ago (i.e. yesterday at the same time). Parameters are used with the web tag to specify how old you want the data value to be, hence each web tag actually represents over 10,000 'normal' web tags. See the web tags section of the help for more details.
  • Month-by-month all time records, and web tags. These are things like 'highest ever January temperature' etc. These aren't initialised automatically, the simplest way to do this is:

    1. Open the new monthly records editor (on the Edit) menu
    2. Click the 'fetch dayfile data' button, select the tab for each month in turn and click the 'copy' button in the header row to copy the dayfile data
    3. To get a full set of records, you may also need to use the 'Fetch log data' button to fetch the data from the monthly log files. Note that you can click the copy button next to a particular entry just to copy that entry.
    4. Click OK.

    You may find the results need a bit of manual tweaking, depending on the state of your dayfile.txt. You can also optionally fetch the records from the log files and use those. Once you've initialised the records, Cumulus should then keep them up to date.

    I've added a new 'standard' web page for the month-by-month records, called monthlyrecord.htm, and modified the other standard pages to link it into the navigation bar. See the help for details of the new web tags for these.
  • Fix display of extra dewpoint values for sensors 4 to 10
  • Fix left/right grid problems in Select-A-Graph
  • Fix operation of EWdisablecheckinit setting
  • <#LastDataReadT> web tag (time last data was read)
  • Fix crash at startup with WMR928 extra sensors
  • Attempt to fix spurious rolllover with WMR200 when restarted just after midnight
  • Cater for WMR100/200/etc rain rate overflow value
  • Put some retries in when Davis station initialisation fails
  • New charts for Solar, UV, and daily sunshine hours
  • Option to hide theoretical max on solar chart
  • Fix bug where new (i.e. solar) chart thumbnails were resized
  • Added option to not calculate Altimeter Pressure (Davis stations).

    Davis stations calculate Sea Level Pressure from Station Pressure using a formula based on several parameters such as temperature, humidity, etc, rather than just using altitude as most other stations do. CWOP require 'Altimeter Pressure' to be uploaded, i.e. a value calculated simply using altitude. The station does not provide this value directly, nor the station pressure, so Cumulus has to read some extra data once a minute in order to do the calculation. This can take several seconds, so it means that a 'normal' data reading may be missed, so you might miss a high gust value, for example.

    If you don't use CWOP, or you are happy for Cumulus to send Sea-Level pressure to CWOP (the difference is small unless you are at high altitude) add a line to the [Station] section of cumulus.ini:


    Cumulus will then use the Sea-Level Pressure value instead of Altimeter Pressure.
  • Davis reception stats read every 15 minutes (at hh:00, hh:15, hh:30, hh:45) instead of every minute, to minimise data loss
  • Add highs for solar and UV for today and yesterday
  • Cumulus now maintains the maximum values for solar radiation for today (and yesterday) and logs the values to dayfile.txt. Today's high values can be displayed by 'hovering' over the solar and UV readings on the Cumulus main screen
  • Four new fields are added to the end of the dayfile.txt entry (numbering is from zero):

    42 High solar radiation
    43 Time of high solar radiation
    44 High UV Index
    45 Time of high UV Index
  • Eight new web tags are introduced:

    solarTH - today's high solar radiation value
    TsolarTH - time of today's high solar radiation value
    UVTH - today's high UV Index
    TUVTH - time of today's high UV Index

    solarYH - yesterday's high solar radiation value
    TsolarYH - time of yesterday's high solar radiation value
    UVYH - yesterday's high UV Index
    TUVYH - time of yesterday's high UV Index
  • UV now displayed and logged as whole numbers by default. You can change this (but you shouldn't need to, by adding a 'UVdecimals' line to the [Station] section of cumulus.ini, specifying the number of decimal places, e.g.

  • Option (for 'incomplete' stations) to disable the sensor check described in this FAQ: - http://wiki.sandaysoft.com/a/FAQ#Cumulu ... eb_uploads

    Add a line to the [Station] section of cumulus.ini:

  • Adds support for the Hydreon RG-11 Rain Sensor

    The sensor needs to be connected so that the relay NO contacts are connected to the DSR and DTS pins of a serial port (or serial/USB adapter).

    To enable, edit cumulus.ini and add a line to the [Station] section specifying the serial port number, e.g.


    for COM1.

    By default, this enables an RG-11 in "It's raining" mode. This should enable a grey LED in the bottom right hand corner of the 'rainfall' panel on the Cumulus main screen which turns red when the RG-11 says it's raining. A new web tag <#IsRaining> gives 1 when the LED is lit and 0 when it isn't.

    To enable tipping bucket mode, add the following lines to the [Station] section (in addition to specifying the COM port as above):


    The 'tip size' must be specified in the units that you have configured Cumulus to use for rain.

    Cumulus should then display today's and yesterday's totals on the main screen, next to the 'normal' totals, and make them available via web tags <#RG11RainToday> and <#RG11RainYest>.

    Note that of course you need to run Cumulus all the time for the totals to be correct, but it does store the values in today.ini and yesterday.ini so you can briefly stop and restart it.

    If you have a second RG-11, you can configure it with similar settings in cumulus.ini:


    Note that you must have one set to "It's raining" mode and one to "tipping bucket" mode. Cumulus does not validate this.
  • Now takes a 'backup' of active files (for 'rewind' purposes) after each daily rollover as well as at start up. Daily backups are in folder backup/daily
  • Added extra options for RG-11 rain sensor, and a new configuration screen so cumulus.ini doesn't need to be manually edited. See the help for the new screen.
  • New web tag <#RCwlatest> - same as <#wlatest> with decimal comma replaced by full stop if necessary
  • New web tag <#avgtempY> - yesterday's average temperature
  • Fix crash at start up on Turkish systems
  • Allow configurable max FTP connect retries via cumulus.ini (add MaxFTPconnectRetries to FTP Site section). The default is 3.
  • New web tag <#IsFreezing> gives 1 if outside temperature is at or below 0C/32F, otherwise 0
  • I've added a 'channel' parameter to the <#txbattery> web tag so that the status for a particular transmitter can be obtained (this web tag is for Davis stations only)

    Use it like this:

    <#txbattery channel=1>

    to get the relevant string for channel 1, and so on, up to channel=8. The result is just the string "ok" or whatever the string is for a low battery.
  • New RC web tags (if decimal commas are in use they are replaced by decimal points):
  • New web tags giving Beaufort 'description' for today's and yesterday's high wind speed
  • Add decimal place to WM-918 pressure value.
  • Make plotted wind values obey 'Round wind speeds' setting
  • Twitter: change to new API as the old one has been turned off (so all tweets failed).
  • Fix bug with saving month.ini and year.ini if 0900/1000 rollover in use and Cumulus restarted between midnight and 0900/1000 on 1st of month
  • Fixed sorting bug in dayfile editor ('create missing') when system has US date format
  • Option in display settings to turn off new all-time record notifications
  • New web tag <#yesterday> gives yesterday's date. 'Format' parameter can be applied.
  • Added number of dry days to This Month/Year/Period displays
  • Yesterday's wind run added as a mouseover to today's value on main screen
  • Increase max number of extra ftp files to 99 (via cumulus.ini)
  • New web tag <#metdateyesterday> - gives yesterday's 'meterological' date, for those using 0900/1000 rollover
  • New web tag <#DaysSince30Dec1899> (gives whole and fractional part) Example: 41250.6523310301
  • Make sure today's rain total is reset at end of day before any internet updates.
  • Experimental option in the station settings - "Synchronise Fine Offset reads". This is an attempt to work around the Fine Offset 'USB lockup' problem. It does this by synchronising once a day with the console's 48-second and 60-second updates, and avoids communicating with the console for three seconds either side of each of those. Thanks to Jim Easterbrook for the method. Note that this option is not enabled by default; you need to select it if you want to use it.
  • New web tag <#DaysSinceRecordsBegan>
  • Improve wind run calculation when using Fine Offset logger data
  • Don't allow rain since midnight to be negative
  • Fix incorrect rain since midnight on Davis stations on 1st January.
  • Cater for commas in passwords for WU/WOW/PWSWeather/Weatherbug
  • Check for Davis firmware 3 and adjust data polling interval to avoid excessive reads
  • Fix Leaf Wetness Captions in strings.ini overwriting Leaf Temp Captions
  • Fix UV values so number of decimals places is consistent throughout
  • Change default UV decimals to 1 for Davis stations
  • Allow 'format' parameter on <#recordsbegandate>
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