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Latest Cumulus MX V4 release 4.0.1 (build 4023) - 16 May 2024

(Note that 4.1.0 (build 4024) - 05 June 2024 remains available, but usage of this version is not recommended for Davis stations - and the included utility in this distribution for migrating to v4 is known to contain errors affecting conversion of dayfile.txt)

Latest Cumulus MX V3 release 3.28.6 (build 3283) - 21 March 2024

Legacy Cumulus 1 release 1.9.4 (build 1099) - 28 November 2014
(a patch is available for 1.9.4 build 1099 that extends the date range of drop-down menus to 2030)

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HA (home assistant) integration

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HA (home assistant) integration

Post by GSV3MiaC »

Would be nice if there was some way to run cumulusmx on an Homeassistant (hass) machine, either as, an add on or as an integration. You can send the data there via mqtt, or which much thanks, but afaik Cumulus mx won't run on the actual home assistant system?
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Re: HA (home assistant) integration

Post by mcrossley »

Unlikely to happen. You could run HAOS in a docker container or install HA on a Linux box as software. But making MX run under HAOS is not likely to happen.
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Re: HA (home assistant) integration

Post by rogerthn »

I'm running Home Assistant Core on a Raspberry Pi 4, there has been moments when the Add-On Store could have been useful but otherwise :-D
Installing and running CMX4 should be very possible ;-)
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