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Advance notice of a forum outage

General news concerning announcements of new releases, forum outages etc.
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Advance notice of a forum outage

Post by freddie »

I have received the following from Ionos, who host this forum:

Your VPS will be migrated in a non-controllable order between 22/05/2024 and the expected end date of 31/07/2024. You will be informed by email before each migration begins and again once it successfully concludes. As the migrations are carried out automatically, we cannot give you a more detailed timeframe. We expect the majority of the outages to be less than 60 minutes.

Therefore there will be a potentially no-notice outage of this forum between the above dates for a period of up to an hour. If I see the aforementioned email, I will attempt to provide some notice - but it will be minimal.

Apologies for the inconvenience.