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HP25XX Weather Station's new Firmware

GW1000 WiFi gateway
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HP25XX Weather Station's new Firmware

Post by water01 »

Ecowitt has released a new firmware for the HP25XX Weather Stations Version 1.9.5 available here https://www.ecowitt.com/shop/manualDownload

Release Notes
HP2550&&HP2560 V1.9.5_2024-3-15
1. Add eight channel AD values for WH51 soil moisture sensor data upload via WiFi.
2. Update the calculation parameter for outdoor temperature compensation, changing from the
average of the last eight gusts to the average wind speed over 10 minutes.
3. Modify the color of the 10-minute average wind direction indicator on the main interface
with a black background, changing it from dark gray to white.
4. If the rainfall display is set to piezoelectric rain gauge, display 'piezo' below the daily rain
5. When a temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure sensor is detected, set the T&HP
sensor to 'Disable' by default. When the user enables the T&HP sensor, give its data higher
priority over the built-in probe.
6. Change domain names:
www.Wunderground.com to Wunderground.com
www.Weathercloud.net to Weathercloud.net
www.WeatherObservationsWebsite.com to wow.metoffice.gov.uk
www.ecowitt.net to ecowitt.net
7. Add support for the WN35 transmitter in the Czech language version.
8. When receiving a signal from the WH46, add PM1.0 and PM4.0 to the cycle on the main
9. Add a Wi-Fi switch setting option.
10. Implement host firmware OTA updates; if auto OTA is checked, perform an automatic
OTA upon first power-up and then daily thereafter.
11. Add a 10-minute gust display feature on the main interface, with an option in the 'more
settings' to switch between displaying the 10-minute average wind speed or the 10-minute
12. Change the maximum Air Quality Index (AQI) value to 500.
13. Add a master switch for alarm sounds on the alarm interface.
14. Set the default time to January 1,
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