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20th Anniversary of Saratoga-weather.org

Discussion of Ken True's web site templates

Moderator: saratogaWX

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20th Anniversary of Saratoga-weather.org

Post by saratogaWX »

First light was on 7-Feb-2004 with a one-page website on Comcast Homepages (html only). Wow.. I've been retired that long too :)

The current Saratoga-weather.org site design went online September, 2009 and has proved very durable and it uses many of the scripts I developed/shared. See the script history for a walk down memory lane if you like.

The first template began 29-Feb-2008 with V1.00 for Weather-Display only.
The Version 3.00 of the templates was released 04-Feb-2011 and has had 404 updates as of 30-Jan-2024

I guess this is a hobby that lasts.

Best regards,
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Re: 20th Anniversary of Saratoga-weather.org

Post by PaulMy »

Congratulations Ken :clap: :clap:
20 years, my how time flies by. And I have been following your site and your template set for nearly 16 years. You have been amazing with your innovation and knowledge, your commitment and thoroughness, and your willingness and patience with us.

As a die-hard Cumulus user I eagerly awaited when you announced a Saratoga/Cumulus template viewtopic.php?p=37506#p37506 and looks like exactly 13 years ago when I started with my Saratoga site.
I guess this is a hobby that lasts.
And I hope I can continue to last in this hobby!

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Re: 20th Anniversary of Saratoga-weather.org

Post by ConligWX »

Congrats Ken. 20 Years is some feat... I'm coming upto 20 Years running another site too in April. doesn't time fly when your having fun? :lol:
Regards Simon

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Re: 20th Anniversary of Saratoga-weather.org

Post by RayProudfoot »

Congratulations Ken. Although I’ve never used your templates I still wish to thank you for the contributions you’ve made to the weather fanatics like me who love recording our weather and making it available to the wider public. :clap:
Ray, Cheshire.

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Re: 20th Anniversary of Saratoga-weather.org

Post by BeaumarisWX »

Congratulations Ken. Jeepers (20 Years) !
Basically you are a Legend.
You have always assisted when users have had an issue.
Your Template has been a staple for so many of us, though the additional scripts you maintain and your coding, has allowed many of us to adapt numerous additional concepts based on our Global location etc. And even in those cases, you have always assisted with fault finding/advice/etc.
I recall having the luxury of a telephone conversation with you one year, enjoyed that greatly.
I am so grateful for who you are and what you have done for PWS community on so many forums globally.
Again, you are a Legend, thank you Ken for being you.
Kindest Regards Always,
Tony Beaumaris, Tasmania (AUS)

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Banner below - Saratoga Template :
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Re: 20th Anniversary of Saratoga-weather.org

Post by HansR »

Congrats. I used the template for a while before doing something myself.
A very influential template for the community. Thanks.

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