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WeatherLink Live raw data

Discussion specific to Davis weather stations
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WeatherLink Live raw data

Post by Mapantz »

I've have an app on my phone which I use quite regularly, which gets data from WeatherLink via the API.

I noticed that the app is showing bad data for temps ( -67°C ) and no rain data.

I contacted the app author, and he said "I was sending crappy data" and then pasted the entire station API callback. There was no crappy data there, but what is happening is that his app isn't always showing the data from my transmitter ID1, which is my ISS (rain & temps) instead, it is showing the data from transmitter ID2, which is my anemometer, which has no rain or temp data.

I sent a reply back explaining this and got this reply:
I see, thanks. Do you know how I am supposed to know which device is behind every ID?

For instance the data structure type for your anemometer is the same for Vantage Pro2. How am I supposed to know that most data coming from the data structure should be trashed?
I don't know what to reply to that, as I don't make apps that use API calls.

The weird thing is, my Solar and UV data are on ID1, with the rain and temp, and that data shows absolutely fine.

Any ideas in what I should reply to try and help?

A bit of a weird situation for the app maker to be asking me what to do?!
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Re: WeatherLink Live raw data

Post by mcrossley »

Mapantz wrote: Wed 25 Oct 2023 8:39 pm A bit of a weird situation for the app maker to be asking me what to do?!
It is. Davis documents the API pretty well, I'm sure if I can work it out, and the weewx, WeatherDisplay developers etc, then he should too!
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