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Backup Software?

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Backup Software?

Post by geoffw »

My Documents folder is really bloated with files and documents that I want and need to keep but rarely access. I back the documents folder onto an external drive regularly, but I know a great deal of space on my active computer hard drive is wasted by files very infrequently needed.

Documents: 274GB / 90,314 files in 7,212 folders! Documents going back to my first PC in the ‘80s.

I am looking for a Backup App that:
1: Would mirror my folder organisation on an external drive.
2: Find files that have not been edited or accessed for a designated period (say 3 months).
3: Move those files to an external drive.
4: So relieving space on my PC but having everything reasonably at hand.

Can you suggest an App I can take a look at?

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Re: Backup Software?

Post by Super-T »

I use SmartSync as it allows me to backup any changes and can backup "As Is" as well as encrypted if required.
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Re: Backup Software?

Post by ConligWX »

I take it your on Windows 10. so why not try the Backup and Restore (Windows7) feature listed in your control panel?

it may do what you need. its pretty simple, but for nothing you cant complain.

failing that start looking on Github. Plenty of coded stuff on there.
Regards Simon

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Re: Backup Software?

Post by Phil23 »

FreeFileSync has been one of my favorite's for years.
Can be configured in a manner of ways; Two Way, Mirror, Update etc.

Can be run from a Batch File & scheduled in Task Scheduler & also has a real time option that can monitor two folders, a bit like a cheap replication.
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