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If you are interested in supporting Cumulus then maybe you would like to contribute to the maintenance of the Wiki? This need not take hours of your time - just a half hour here and there can make a big difference, particularly if many people are doing this. Any contributions are very welcome, whether they involve new content or editing of existing content. It will be very helpful to current and future users of Cumulus software if the Wiki is kept well-maintained and current. If you are interested then please contact forum user saratogaWX and ask for a Wiki account.


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Post by geoffw »

I have been in and out of this Forum for over ten years after setting up my first automatic weather station in the summer of 2009 and adopting Cumulus. I have been helped in so many way over the years when this have gone wrong or when I have wanted to change and develop my setup here in West Wales.

I would just like to express my appreciation to Mark and the other mods for continuing the development of Cumulus and for their support for our community.

In the past Steve had little donation button. I would try at least once a year, or after he and/or others had helped me particularly, to send of a little donation as an expression of appreciation for the time and expense incurred running this forum.

Personally, I would like to see that little button re-appear!
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Re: Donations.....

Post by sutne »

I support this! :clap:
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Re: Donations.....

Post by freddie »

There has been some discussion on the topic recently (this time last year, I think) and it was decided at the time that the donation button wasn't required.

Things are a touch more complicated nowadays, as in the past it was Steve Loft who did all the programming and organised the hosting of the forum and the Wiki. It is more of a team effort now. Although Mark does nearly 100% of the programming, the code is now available to all to contribute - I have made some miniscule contributions myself, and there may be others who have contributed too. SaratogaWX hosts the Wiki nowadays, and I host the forum.

So if there was a donation button, then who would the recipient be?
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Re: Donations.....

Post by HansR »

freddie wrote: Tue 12 Jan 2021 11:34 am So if there was a donation button, then who would the recipient be?
Recipient be the treasurer distribution through proportionality to those who do work?
So it would require some kind of organisation through some foundation

But anyway, it would probably be necessary to review some licensing issues: non-commercial is everywhere. When you start receiving money you probably won't get rich but for some (e.g. highcharts) you probably would have to argue or at least agree, that despite the money it is still non-commercial, just covering the costs and that would probably mean an open bookkeeping. Can be done no doubt.

Slippery slope I guess. Extra administration, extra work, extra complexity.
I can understand he decision to leave it as is.

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Re: Donations.....

Post by Hoeveld »

Its a credit to the main contributors that they decide not to seek financial gain for their efforts.

Users of Cumulus and the forum from time to time may wish to express their gratitude, sometimes financially other times by word.

Making available the facility to pay something towards upkeep or as a "Thank You" could prove difficult to set up, manage, and rife with issues.

One consideration may be to add to each users profile their favorite charity.

People wanting to pay something could contribute on that basis, although I doubt my local Cats Welfare Society would be looking to expand very soon........ :groan:

I suspect however that the main contributors are happy as things stand........

Thanks guys.........
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