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    advforecast2.php (JSON) V5.13 update for NWS change 01-Oct-2019

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    advforecast2.php (JSON) V5.13 update for NWS change 01-Oct-2019

    Post by saratogaWX » Sun 08 Sep 2019 9:09 pm

    The NWS has announced the shutdown of the forecast-v3.weather.gov website effective 01-Oct-2019.
    The V5.13 of the script changes the link URL at the bottom of the page to use forecast.weather.gov/MapClick... links instead. It continues to use api.weather.gov for the data source (as that is not being discontinued).

    Standalone: use https://saratoga-weather.org/scripts-carterlake.php for download.
    Template: use https://saratoga-weather.org/wxtemplates/updates.php with a query of Base-USA, *-Plugin, 08-Sep-2019 for download.

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