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Rasberry PI HELP

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Rasberry PI HELP

Post by NathanRN »

Hi from Australia,
I need help and I aplogies if this has been asked before.
Very new to this and looking for a solution.
I manage a large fire station in Sydney Australia, we have a Davies Weather Vantage Pro plus a Data logger (connected by ethernet) this weather data is put on the web and we use Weathelink to display the current weather conditions on a large Mointor in our station (through a PC).
I would like to remove the pc and use Raspberry PI instead (display weatherlink graph etc of current weather and get the data sent to the Internet)
IS there anyway I can do this?????Any help is appricated!

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Re: Rasberry PI HELP

Post by mcrossley »

Sorry I'm no expert in WL, but...

If you have an IP data logger that is already uploading to WL, is then all you need a web browser to display the data from the WL web site? You could even use a Smart TV or a Roku/Chromecast or other "stick" that has a browser built-in plugged into your existing monitor if it has HDMI input?

Just trying to think of a simple solution that avoids the need for custom building anything.

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