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Weather Station Insurance cover

Discussion specific to Davis weather stations
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Weather Station Insurance cover

Post by raul_sbd »

A bit of a random question here..

I live on a Flat and have set my new VP2 on the private communal garden downstairs.

My previous Vantage vue Its been now 5 years fixed to one of the fences and never happened anything but I was wondering if any of you have a weather station cover included on your Home Insurance. I know most of the insurers incl like £1500 contents on the garden but this one being a communal garden some companies says is not covered if a theft happened.

Is there any insurer that can insure specific items outside your home as in this case weather stations?

Many Thanks and appreciate any advice.
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Re: Weather Station Insurance cover

Post by ConligWX »

most insurers will insure external possessions, but it may come at a price. you'll have to ask them. to them, is all about risk.
Regards Simon

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