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Use WeatherLink USB Logger and WeatherLink Live at the same time?

Discussion specific to Davis weather stations
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Use WeatherLink USB Logger and WeatherLink Live at the same time?

Post by mlucas »

Hello All,

I have my new Vantage Pro 2 weather station connected to the WeatherLink USB logger and software on my PC. That is working well, uploading the data to the WeatherLink website and FTPing templates to my website. However, I would like to use Cumulus MX because the templates are better and I like the internal web interface to manage Cumulus.

I have a WeatherLink Live wireless device on back-order. Hopefully that will arrive in a few weeks.

In the mean time, has anyone tried using the WeatherLink USB logger with Cumulus MX and the WeatherLink Live logger at the same time? Do they work together? :?:

Thank you,

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Re: Use WeatherLink USB Logger and WeatherLink Live at the same time?

Post by PaulMy »

I believe each will work independently. Weatherlink Live has been added to CumulusMX.
1. VP2 with USB logger and selecting Davis Connection in CumulusMX.
2. Weatherlink Live and and selecting Davis Weatherlink Live in another CumulusMX install either as Manual IP or Autodetect.
I presume you'd to run each from a separate port - i.e. one as :8998 and the other as :8999

I have run 2 CumulusMX installs, one with Davis Vue/WifiLogger and another with Ecowitt GW1000, and ran it as localhost:8999.

Also there has been recent discussion to use VirtualVP to allow more than one program from USB or serial logger. I stopped using it many years ago because it was not reliable. Not sure how reliable the new users are finding it.


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