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Random missing updates

Discussion specific to Davis weather stations
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Random missing updates

Post by fastbysuzuki » Wed 27 Mar 2019 10:52 am

Hi we are using cumulus 1.9.4 ( 1099) configured to update the weather on our website every 10 minutes this has worked faultlessly for years but recently it has been randomly missing some updates I was wondering if anyone can shed some light on what the problem may be?
The setup is housed in a remote watch station and not at home which makes it a little awkward to work on and diagnose (along with my ability) would really like to sort this as the site is used by the maritime comunlty for weather reports.
Any help would be appreciated thanks.


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Re: Random missing updates

Post by PaulMy » Wed 27 Mar 2019 1:24 pm

Turning on FTP Logging and Debug Log and then checking the log files may give you some answers.
Please note that the files can get quite large over time.


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