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Upgrading Vue ISS to Vantage PRO2 PLUS

Discussion specific to Davis weather stations
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Roger Lewis
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Upgrading Vue ISS to Vantage PRO2 PLUS

Post by Roger Lewis » Sun 07 May 2017 7:15 pm

I am currently running a Vue ISS reporting to a Vantage Pro 2 console with WeatherLink IP and Cumulus build 1099 v1.9.4 I want to upgrade TO the Vantage Pro 2 PLUS ISS. What will I need to do as far as switching the ISS's properly to ensure minimum interruption of data sent from Console to Cumulus?
PLEASE be specific with step by step instructions.
1- What will I need to do PRIOR to switching them out? after I assemble the Pro2 PLUS ISS.
2- What will I need to do, IF ANYTHING to Cumulus to accept NEW ISS data? since the data is sent from the console.

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Re: Upgrading Vue ISS to Vantage PRO2 PLUS

Post by mcrossley » Mon 08 May 2017 2:29 pm

Here's my view...

I'd build your new ISS and put it on channel 2 (assuming the Vue is one channel 1). Then you can switch between them just by changing the listening channel on the VP2 console, if you spot anything wrong with the ISS it is easy to switch back.

The only change you would have to make to Cumulus would be to enable the Solar and UV if you now have those. Just make the change some time after you switch over the ISS.

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Re: Upgrading Vue ISS to Vantage PRO2 PLUS

Post by archae86 » Tue 09 May 2017 5:35 am

If you are using Cumulus to make your own web site, the template modifications required to get solar and UV reporting the way you like are rather more than just a box tick. But getting a Wunderground report to include them is pretty much just a matter of finding the boxes, and perhaps later adjusting the parameters used to decided what counts as "sun is shining right now".

By the way, be a little cautious in adjusting the "sun is shining" parameters. If you calibrate it perfectly for one time of year, quite possibly you will not like it as well at another. Here in Albuquerque the algorithm gets the summer/winter difference a bit wrong, so the trans factor is probably best calibrated near an equinox.

For my Albuquerque station I use 75% as threshold, 20 watts/square meter minimum, and trans factor of 0.8. But another person living here might prefer something a bit different, and a person living elsewhere probably should be different. Anyway my siting, which is constrained by neighbors who think they have a right to zero skyline visible equipment, is compromised by shadowing by a mountain in the morning, a nearby house a bit later in the morning, and a line of trees in the later afternoon. I hope you have a better siting option.
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Re: Upgrading Vue ISS to Vantage PRO2 PLUS

Post by ICP963 » Sun 14 May 2017 7:10 pm

archae86 wrote:Anyway my siting, which is constrained by neighbors who think they have a right to zero skyline visible equipment.
Gack, Gotta love HOA's. That is one reason I didn't buy in an HOA area and I also have my amateur radio license. My weather station is on the side of my 60+ foot antenna tower and I'm protected by PRB-1 and grandfathering from the city enacting new regulations. Neigbors are used to it after 25+ years of being there as well, :lol:
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