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Detaching temp sensor to put in Stevenson Screen

Discussion specific to Davis weather stations
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Detaching temp sensor to put in Stevenson Screen

Post by StuartB » Wed 09 Oct 2019 3:13 am

I'm still keeping my old Fine Offset weather station running at the moment which I found easy to detach its temperature/humidity sensor and run it into my Stevenson Screen. But when the time comes to upgrade, would this be possible with the Davis Range?


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Re: Detaching temp sensor to put in Stevenson Screen

Post by mcrossley » Wed 09 Oct 2019 8:22 am

The wire to the T/H sensor is quite short, only really long enough to reach into the ISS screen. Now you can extend that cable, but I'm not sure how far as it uses a digital protocol to talk to the sensor not an analogue voltage.

Your best bet I think would be to mount the ISS on the outside the screen - removing it from the supplied screen a rain collector - then extending the rain collector cable to mount that remotely. The rain collector uses a simple make/break switch, so I don't see that there would be problem extending that a 100+ ft if you wanted. Davis supply 140 ft extensions for the anemometer and that is a make/break and analogue voltage device.

That assumes your screen is within a reasonable distance of where you would mount the anemometer and rain collectors.

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Re: Detaching temp sensor to put in Stevenson Screen

Post by prodata » Tue 15 Oct 2019 4:23 pm

Don't forget Davis part 7346.221 which is the standard current (SHT31) VP2 T/H sensor with a 25ft/7.6m cable. Having said which, I'm not sure whether we have any stock or not (though we may do), but if there was any interest/demand then this could be rectified fairly quickly.
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