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Problems to get Rain gauge to report to CumulusMX

Discussion specific to Oregon Scientific weather stations
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Problems to get Rain gauge to report to CumulusMX

Post by Flodanilsson »

Hi all.
I add this as information that could benefit someone else with the same problem I had.

I had to replace my rain gauge for my Oregon WMR200 weather station due to the old one stop working a while ago.
After I changed the gauge I could not get any information regarding rain into CumulusMX, even though I could see it on the weather station it self, as well as on my telldus installation.
It presented 0 on my CumulusMX and in all other files (like realtime.txt) no matter how much it rained.
All other numbers from the station was sent to CumulusMX though, wind speed and direction, pressure, temperatures and humidity, updating the values on the dashboard correct every 30 seconds or so.

I tried to get this working by doing resets of the gauge, the station, restarting CumulusMX and all the above in different combination without any success.

My solution at the end was to remove all old data (all files in backup and data folders under CumulusMX installation folder) and then restart the system, with no historic data left, all other settings was kept though.
I have no clue why old historical data should interfere with what CumulusMX decides to receive from the station though.

After I did that it started to report in to CumulusMX again.


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