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Cumulus, Oregon Scientific WMR200 lost connection

Discussion specific to Oregon Scientific weather stations
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Cumulus, Oregon Scientific WMR200 lost connection

Post by Bernard46 »

For many years now I have been running an Oregon Scientific WMR200 with Cumulus on my Windows 10 Pro system - this is always kept up to date with the latest Win 10 updates (so now, Nov 2020, running 20H2) - for the past week or so I've been having problems with the station apparently losing contact with the Win 10 PC. I see the Cumulus red Error light flashing and if I look in Windows Task Manager it shows Cumulus as "not responding" and I cannot get Cumulus to respond to clicks on any menu item.

I have to "end task" Cumulus and then pull out the USB connection from the back of the WMR200, reinsert it and then restart Cumulus whereupon it catches up with the data that has stacked up and continues for an indeterminate period of time. Initially this was a day or so but more recently we're getting down to an hour or so. The recovery action works every time without fail.

The WMR200 is powered from the mains although it also has batteries in it, so in theory power should not be an issue. But what could cause such an intermittent problem? Does anyone think it could be that the batteries are running down and maybe they are the cause of the problem, even though mains power is on constantly - although the WMR200 continues to show all readings on the console face and they are constantly updated? I can't think of any reason why the USB connection should keep failing at random and yet reconnect each time I take out the end attached to the WMR200 and plug it straight back in.

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Re: Cumulus, Oregon Scientific WMR200 lost connection

Post by water01 »

Have you checked that the Power management have NOT been switched ON in the USB hubs. If they are on and they detect no use on the USB circuit they will power the hub down which will cause the disconnect. Use Device Manager and check each hubs status by right clicking on each hub in turn, selecting properties and the selecting the Power Management tab and making sure there is no tick in " All ow the computer to turn off this device to save power"

W10 has a nasty habit of changing setting between updates so please check even if you have checked this before.

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