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WMR88 lost its marbles

Discussion specific to Oregon Scientific weather stations
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WMR88 lost its marbles

Post by Tony_J » Sun 26 Oct 2014 1:15 pm

Had an odd fault over the last couple of days - first the external temperature and humidity sensor seemed to go offline and resetting the sensor and using the search button on the base unit failed to reconnect it. The other sensors were working just fine and so i assumed that the external sensor had developed a fault and ordered a replacement. Then a couple of days later the wind direction/speed readings started working intermittently - didn't stop reading altogether but there seemed to be long and random gaps between readings. Again, because the rain sensor was still working just fine, I assumed that the wind sensor was the problem, but couldn't get any joy by resetting the sensor. So as a last resort I decided to reset the base station; it instantly came back online with all sensors working perfectly.

So the conclusion from this would seem to be that the base station firmware can get into an odd state where individual sensors appear to be misbehaving while the others seem to be working fine. If you see this happening, it is worth resetting the base station before you spend money on replacement sensors! I guess at least I now have a spare or could deploy it to give a temperature reading somewhere else...

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