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Map as Module

Discussion of the Cumulusutils tool and website generator.

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Map as Module

Post by HansR »

The Map module can be used outside the website generator as a stand-alone module. It is automatically produced when you run one of the data driven modules like Graphs, records etc... However when producing the map independent of the website generator it is assumed to have the jQuery library available. You either do that in your own website or you tell CumulusUtils to generate the library reference in the module. The last you do via the parameter

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GeneratejQueryInclude=true or false
Unfortunately this inclusion fails for module users of the new map version (4.10 and up, note that older versions are not compatible). The bug has been corrected and if you use CumulusUtils for selective module module generation you have to use the attached patch. The solution will of course be present in the final 4.10.3 version and above.

Thanks to @courtil for spotting the issue.

In addition please note the new map is technically completely different. If you set the parameter Participant in the [Maps] section it will be automatically created and you will be on it. If you set it to false then after a week you will disappear of the map. If you stop using CumulusUtils you will disappear as well. The period of inactivity before disappearance is set to a week and is not configurable. The only thing you need is to run cutils with any of the command line parameters which require the dayfile (so: website, records or yadr etc...)

If you want to be on the map you don't have to do anything, default is on.
Note that if set DoUploadFTP to false the produced output remains in the utils directory but the signature file is always created and thus you will always be on the map.

The only thing that has really changed from the user point of view is that you don't appear immediately on the map - neither do changes you make - because the map creation is done centrally once per period. Currently the period is an hour (run at hh:45) but I will probably lower the frequency to every 3, 6 or 12 hours maybe. The moment you rerun CumulusUtils after the map has been created it will be visible on your site.
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