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Hitchhiking with the Airlink interface of CMX

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Hitchhiking with the Airlink interface of CMX

Post by HansR »

In August I wrote about some sensor work I was doing and shortly after (roughly 12 hrs) ConligWX wrote about the AirLink. Apparently the AirLink was to be added to CMX as a sensor.

So version 3.9.0 of CMX did get the AirLink interface. I had been thinking this over and it became clear that interfacing to CMX to get the particle concentration data of any particle sensor would not have to be too difficult. So after a short exchange with Mark, I decided to build an interface to CMX (which polls the AirLink) and create a FakeAirLink. After a proof of concept I made a simple but workable application.

If you like working with hardware, have a Raspberry and want to spend some 35 euro on sensors, than I have the software to make it work.
And of course, CumulusUtils will soon support the AirLink (both the real and the fake) as well.

I published the code and you can find the release there as well under the tag (take the most recent).
The Readme should get you started. Other sensors are possible, ask for it (and send me one) and I'll implement if possible.

Git repository here, with code and release and info.

NB: Although this is slightly a home built device (why I wrote the first message in the Homebuilt forum), the project turned towards CMX as the AirLink became available and a supported device for the Cumulus World. I had already planned to make an AirQuality module for CumulusUtils so combining all this, I decided to make this message in the CumulusUtils part of the forum. It fits. Homebuilt is too separate.
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