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FTP problem 4.4.1

Posted: Tue 15 Sep 2020 3:49 pm
by meteosangonera

On Sunday I updated cumulusutils to version 4.4.1 from version 4.2.2, and since then the files it generates are not uploaded to my server by ftp.

The parameters with which I execute the program are the following: "pwsFWI Top10 Graphs MapsOn DayRecords".

I have checked the logs but I can't solve the problem.

HansR, I'm sending you the logs privately to see if you can help me.

Re: FTP problem 4.4.1

Posted: Tue 15 Sep 2020 5:10 pm
by HansR

I received and read the logs. I think the following is happening:
  1. Of the modules you are using, Graphs has new graphs: the wind graphs. These wind graphs use the monthly logfiles which must be read. (This is a somewhat longer operation so expect it to take a bit longer than you were used to)
  2. you also updated CMX somewhere in 2019 (as you probably do regularly, which is good). However, I think you missed something in that specific update namely that the monthly logfiles used the local abbreviated month name to form the filename. So the old filenames had a point in the name (e.g. ago.19log.txt) and with the update the next year that became ago20log.txt. I am pretty sure Mark informed in the release notes that, to use the old data, it was needed to rename all logfile names to the new style. So you will need to rename your old monthnames to the new ones (so: rename ago.19log.txt ago19log.txt) for all existing logfile names.
  3. However, the most important reason why CumulusUtils fails is that is encounters a file ftplog.txt. I don't know where is comes from (probably CMX if I look at the contents) but it does not belong there, it is not data. But because the filename is conform the monthly logfile names (having the form *log.txt) CumulusUtils thinks it is a datafile it must read. And while reading it finds contents it can not handle and it declares (correctly) a fatal error.
What to do? I would advise the following two actions:
  1. rename the monthly logfiles to the new format so they will be accessible for all software again without creating errors. (you may want to make a backup of the data directory first)
  2. remove the file(s) copy*.* (these are intermediary files) and delete the file ftplog.txt.
Then rerun CumulusUtils. If it fails again, and it has the same error then there may be more non-datafiles in the data directory. If you are not sure, post the logfile here (I prefer attachment over < code >< /code >) and we will look at it again. Maybe even post the directory listing to check for illegal files.

The good news is that it is not a software problem but probably just some pollution in the data directory.
Let me know how you get on, good luck.


Re: FTP problem 4.4.1

Posted: Tue 15 Sep 2020 5:19 pm
by meteosangonera
Thanks Hans.

I'll try it. I´ll keep you informed.

Re: FTP problem 4.4.1

Posted: Tue 15 Sep 2020 6:44 pm
by meteosangonera
I have renamed the files and now everything works correctly

I have also taken the opportunity to add the new wind graphics to my website

Thank you very much for your help

Re: FTP problem 4.4.1

Posted: Tue 15 Sep 2020 7:02 pm
by HansR
You're welcome, and thanks for using the wind graphs :D

Did you change weather station end of 2018? (because the compass sectors before 2019 are only 8, 2019 and later there are 16 sectors)

Re: FTP problem 4.4.1

Posted: Tue 15 Sep 2020 7:58 pm
by meteosangonera
Yes. Now I use a Davis Vantage Vue.

Before 2019 ... B001CQSVZ2