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FWI not update

Discussion of the Cumulusutils tool and website generator.

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Re: FWI not update

Post by JUMAVISA »

Good afternoon Hans, this morning with Javier, we have not done that I know, nothing special with the clocks, we have limited ourselves to downloading the latest versions of CMX and cumulusUtils, in a totally clean installation, however there was no way that it would work and recognize the new versions, but with the issue of latitude and longitude, after reading the last message of yours, we have added zeros to match both figures, and magically it has worked the first time.
I remember doing tests, it seems to me that Javier has installed his cumulus.ini and on it we have made the changes, this could be the cause of the clocks that appear in the program.
Hopefully it works smoothly
Many Hans and very grateful for your interest

The URL is now, http://badameteo.com/CumulusMX/FWI

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Re: FWI not update

Post by kocher »

It seems that, now, the badameteo page already works fine:


Thank you very much for the help Hans
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Re: FWI not update

Post by HansR »

OK, cool 8-) :!:
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