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Sintaxis y WXsim

Discussion of the Cumulusutils tool and website generator.

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Sintaxis y WXsim

Post by JUMAVISA »

Good morning Mr. Frank
Since yesterday and thanks to the disinterested collaboration of Javier (Kocher) I have operational, the "Cumulusutils" application (http://www.meteobadalonaprogres.com/CumulusMX/nova/)
First of all thanks for the work you do in maintenance and constant updates, making this application more attractive every day)
I contact you, to consult some details, when I display the NOAA reports menu, some syntax errors appear when translating into Spanish, especially the letter "ñ" and the representation of the symbol "degrees", for better understanding I am attaching a screenshot.
Another question is that I am a user of WXsim, which I would like to be able to incorporate into the "Cumulusutils", but I do not quite understand how to make it possible, it is for these reasons that I request your help, since I operate the PC correctly, I do not have solid experience in creating web pages.
Thank you
Juan Maria Vilaró

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Re: Sintaxis y WXsim

Post by HansR »

Hi Juan Maria ,

First thank you for installing and thanks to Javier for promoting CumulusUtils and thank you for the compliment ;)

1) The problem with the NOAA reports is not within CumulusUtils, it most likely is that you do not generate them with UTF8 (CumulusUtils is UTF8 based). Goto CumulusMX, menu choice 'settings -> NOAA'. Then activate 'Use UTF-8 encoding'. I suspect those characters to appear correctly. You will need to have to regenerate your reports. So try one to test if it works, if it does, regenerate all your NOAA reports.

2) I assume WXSIM provides only the forecast. I have no experience with WXSIM but I know two others use it as forcast. The procedure for WXSIM forecast can be implemented through the inifile. Edit the inifile and go to the section [Forecast]. For the parameter WxsimURL you give the value of the URL to your WXSIM procedure. For the parameter ForecastSystem you give the value WXSIM. Then, after running CumulusUtils again, you should have the WXSIM forecast in the forecast menu choice.

Hope this answers your questions.
Enjoy the application.

Regards, Hans
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