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A forgotten parameter: UseNormalRainReference

Discussion of the Cumulusutils tool and website generator.

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A forgotten parameter: UseNormalRainReference

Post by HansR »

In the context of graphing, I would like to mention the UseNormalRainReference (and it's temperature equivalent UseNormalTempReference) inifile parameter. Few use it but it triggers interesting graph for the monthly Rain and Temprature graphs.

The values can be:
  • Normal
  • StationAverage
  • Both
  • None
And as a result it shows the standard deviation (with Station Average) and it shows you how your station deviates from the official 'Normal'.
In addition, if, for the raingraph, these values are set, one or two reference lines in the Daily Rain graph are plotted.

I think these are valuable additions to the graphs, unfortunately rarely spotted.
Try it ;)

[EDIT: 30/4/2020] I can add, that while writing this I spotted a bug for the reference lines in the daily rain graph. Will fix soon (today)
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