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Re: CumulusUtils

Posted: Thu 13 Aug 2020 8:02 pm
by HansR
Version 4.2.0 beta is online

version 4.2.0 beta (13/8/2020)
  • Changed Norwegian from NO (which is not a language code, but a country code) to NB (Norsk bokmål) and NN (Nynorsk). This had already been effective in 4.0.0, but with the completion of language.js for the gauges and the publication of the translations on the Forum on 10/8 it is now a formal change (by sutne/Steinar, thnx)
  • Added Webtag processing for inifile parameters.
  • Added UserReports with Webtag processing, see the manual.
  • Tech: reshuffle the HttpClient/internet code. This introduced also async/await processing and more or less threw some things upside down. Therefore this release is done as a beta. If you experience issues, please notify me and fall back to the 4.1.0 release which you no doubt saved.
  • Having said that I think the release is good enough to be released in the wild and you are invited to play with the added webtag features.
The addition of the User Reports feature and the possibility to add Webtags to text-values of ini parameters opens the gate to a whole other domain of user expansion of the website. It also creates the possibility to incorporate or modify existing websites through the use of CumulusUtils as a 'standalone' webtag processor (on the leash of CMX ;) ) to be run at any time.

Have fun and show some results!

Re: CumulusUtils

Posted: Tue 18 Aug 2020 7:45 am
by HansR
Version 4.2.0 is online

version 4.2.0 (18/8/2020)
  1. The module UserReports is now alpha.
  2. Graphs: Rain and Temperature Year/Month statistics graphs now start in the current month (that is the month in which the graphs were generated)
  3. NOAA: Adjusted NOAA report Width to 700 to avoid horizontal scroll bar.
  4. Language: Swedish sv-SE made available (new language.js :!: ).
  5. Improved Usage message.
  6. Tech: Finalised / cleanup code changes for async/await and HttpClient.

Re: CumulusUtils

Posted: Tue 18 Aug 2020 8:15 pm
by HansR
Version 4.2.1 is online
(Sorry for the rapid fire, it is a necessary bugfix)

version 4.2.1 (18/8/2020)
  1. Fix for a bug which failed under some conditions to get Webtags for SysInfo and for Inifile parameters.

Re: CumulusUtils

Posted: Fri 21 Aug 2020 8:16 am
by HansR
Version 4.2.2 is online.

version 4.2.2 (21/8/2020)
  1. Graphs: Fix for a HighCharts [library] modification which takes care of negative values on logarithmic scales (used in the Rain Graphs). This stopped working some days ago, with this version it is repaired.
  2. Tech: await now used on Forecasts.
  3. Some minor code corrections.

Re: CumulusUtils

Posted: Mon 24 Aug 2020 7:48 am
by HansR
Version 4.2.3 is online.

version 4.2.3 (24/8/2020)
  1. Forecast: Added WxSpot as default Forecast system.
  2. Language: Added a language tag for WindRose – PeriodInWindRose (section Graphs) which is for the title of the period legend added in v 4.1.0. Note that I repeat the related release note of v 4.1.0: Language: Moved the words Year and Month from section Website to the General section (so in your language file make the same move and you're good).
  3. PwsFWI/Website: Made the pwsFWI current file configurable for the Betel-Kocher gadget (see manual pwsFWI).
NOTE1: A lot has been said - this thread from here - about modifying the presentation of the current pwsFWI value (pwsFWIcurrent.txt) with a link to the full report. After a lot of time and some experimentation I decided to skip the flame image and come up with what I called the Betel-Kocher format. I invite anybody to come up with worked out alternatives in the form of a <div></div> section. Any fitting, non-disruptive solution - my decision - will be included. In addition: I have not been able to test all circumstances of use of pwsFWIcurrent.txt. If you encounter implementation issues, please notify me.

NOTE2: In the mean time, I see some reversion to the old, much more complex and harder to understand FWI, as if pwsFWI is just some nice amateuristic idea without ground. I will be preparing a short blog with some additional arguments for the pwsFWI type of fire indices and the practical use in current professional fire fighting software. Not that I think you can fight fire with software, but it shows the use of fire modelling and has the argument of awareness. Also in this context, look at the new SpotWX Forecast system (and its linked tables) which is now default for CumulusUtils.

Re: CumulusUtils

Posted: Tue 25 Aug 2020 1:46 pm
by HansR
Version 4.2.3 now has version number 4.2.3, and corrected a minor bug in the new forecast in the same go.
Should all be OK now, docs inclusive :oops:

Re: CumulusUtils

Posted: Wed 26 Aug 2020 9:15 pm
by HansR
Version 4.2.4 is online

version 4.2.4 (26/8/2020)
  • Adjusted the file read procedures to accommodate the coming new internal data format of CMX (to be released later).
  • Forecast: The SpotWx has a Timezone component. The naming is different on Windows and Unix/Linux which is not understood by SpotWx. I therefore changed the timezone to the simple numeric representation of hours. It should now work everywhere.
Adjusted version number: check
Adjusted documentation: check

Re: CumulusUtils

Posted: Thu 03 Sep 2020 7:06 pm
by HansR
Version 4.3.0 is online

version 4.3.0 (3/9/2020)
  1. Website: Modified the menu to accommodate separation of graphs from reports.
  2. Top10: Added total wind run per day.
  3. YADR: Added total wind run per day.
  4. YADR: Pression now give high and low values of the barometer
  5. Graphs: Changed the default colour scheme for the graphs with configurable colours (within the application). The HighchartsDefaults remains untouched. To try, comment out or remove the parameter GraphColors (take care if you modified colours yourself!).
  6. Graphs: Modified the module construction such that Wind graphing was added, currently consisting of the WindRose (which was deleted from Miscellaneous Menu) and a WindRun statistics graph.
  7. WindRose: the WindRose is no longer a separate module but belongs to the WindGraphs.
  8. Graphs: now partitioned into four submodules (which cannot be separately generated but which graphs can be switched off)
  9. Graphs: Thrifty component for Windrose has been removed. The WindRose now follows the Windgraph thrifty periodicity. If you wish to speed up generation for experimentation you can still set WindRose to false.
  10. Bug fix: Forecast – The Latitude and Longitude do not have a consistent format in Cumulus.ini. Sometimes it is three or four digits, sometimes it is 8 digits or more. Handling the coordinates as a string to be used directly to the URL of SpotWx with four digits failed causing a crash.
    This has been fixed.
NOTE: The Windrun and other modules work for the units as defined in CumulusMX. Only for in some situations conversions must be applied. If you encounter such situation please let me know. So far no imperial unit installations have been tried. For the Windrun I don't know what the run distance is taken in if the windspeed is m/s. I assume km.

NOTE: I continued work on research of this Mono Error. So far no result. I appreciate any observation report. If it occurs on your system you will find files with a name like mono_crash.0.0.json in your cumulus directory. So far it does not seem to be damaging and everything seems to function as it should. In one week I found two of those files and interactively it occurred to me one time so it is not frequent.

Re: CumulusUtils

Posted: Mon 07 Sep 2020 6:32 am
by HansR
Version 4.3.1 is now online

This is basically a maintenance release because there was a problem with the initialisation of the parameter CompassSectors which would definitely pose a problem for novice users. Some improvements and minor functionalities are added.

version 4.3.1 (7/9/2020)
  1. GraphWind: Windrun Graph title now has AllTime (section General) text i.s.o. Year 0.
  2. Where distance is used as unit with the WindRun display (graph, YADR etc...), now the correct distance unit is displayed: km for km/h; km for m/s; mi for Mph; nm for Kts (as the Wiki says)
  3. GraphsWind and YADR: The class width for WindRun is now configurable (default 75) through inifile parameter: WindrunClassWidth (section: Graphs).
  4. NOAA: the report page may now start in the current month or in the current year. This can be configured through parameter StartInCurrentMonth in section [NOAA].
  5. All modules: Checked for UTF8 output and corrected if necessary. Now all files are guaranteed UTF8 written.
  6. Restored the double quotes in the language string for CompasSectors which had been erroneously modified in version 4.1.0. This is only important for new users where the inifile parameters are initialised.
  7. Modified/added some logging messages.
  8. Some [minor] code corrections/cleanup.

Re: CumulusUtils

Posted: Fri 11 Sep 2020 9:32 am
by HansR
Version 4.4.0 is online

version 4.4.0 (11/9/2020)
  1. pwsFWI: removed “NOTE: Behavioural testing still under way!”. De module is now seen as correct and finished after a year of testing against field observations and EFFIS. Thanks to all who participated as early adopters (the first 15 you find here).
  2. Website: If all graphs of a group are switched off the corresponding menu won't appear in the main page.
  3. Station Map module is introduced (though not a real module because it can't function without the 'realtime' system). Run 'cumulusutils.exe website' without thrifty. See manual.
  4. Menu choice for Station Map is configurable
  5. Graphs: The colours contained a bug where it was not possible to empty the parameters GraphColors and WindRoseColors.
  6. Graphs: minor changes/improvements
  7. Thrifty: minor changes/improvements
  8. Prepared the monthfile records for use in other graph modules.
  9. Manual – continuous work in progress - is reworked for the thrifty system with focus on graphs.
About the Station Map (see manual):
Station Map is a module which produces a map zoomed in on the area of the station with a Wind Rose plus direction arrow over it positioned.
As the zoom factor can be quite large (try 16 or 17) this map gives an interesting possibility to show live wind influence in harbours or airfields (which is where the inspiration came from, see this thread and this post). The Wairoa airport where it started is here.
I am not fully satisfied with the arrow and am open for suggestions of other shapes, preferably multiple colours (meaning e.g. three arrows in blue, green and red) to accommodate strong winds.

See my website for how it looks. This is zoom 13 and the distance between the rose and the station is roughly 15 km.

Re: CumulusUtils

Posted: Sun 13 Sep 2020 2:58 pm
by HansR
Version 4.4.1 is online

This is mainly a maintenance release for Station Map as some improvements have been made after a discussion on the forum. Now the arrow shows direction of flow and is detached from the compass rose.

NOTE: you look at the contents of the CUicons/wind directory for the updates/removals of images.
NOTE: last minute remark: the images must be always 'png' (important when supplied by the user).

version 4.4.1 (13/9/2020)
  1. Station Map: bug fix for initialisation.
  2. Station Map: Added Beaufort in text below the wind arrow.
  3. Station Map: Map now centres between wind arrow and station marker.
  4. Three compass roses are now in distribution, no 1 being the default.
  5. One arrow now in distribution, no 1 being the default.
  6. Users can add compass roses and arrows at will. Naming convention in the manual.
  7. Manual – continuous work in progress - is reworked for the parameters which are now part of their functional section. All parameters should now be documented.
Unless required, next release may take some time.

Re: CumulusUtils

Posted: Sun 20 Sep 2020 10:54 am
by HansR
Version 4.5.0 beta is online

version 4.5.0 beta (20/9/2020)
  1. Addition of Solar graphs (Solar Hours and Solar Energy).
This version contains one addition, the solar graphs. These are elaborate graphs to try and catch some essence of the energy of the sun on your weather station. They are made out of the data in the monthly logfiles (solar radiation is only logged there). This is still a beta, not because it is buggy code ;) but because there still needs to be an efficiency review. Every minute of all monthly data where the solar energy is larger than zero required some calculation. You can calculate how many records that are.

In my own specific situation (only 15 months of data) another 25 seconds of generation time was added because of the solar graphs. You probably would like to set the thrifty period for the solar graphs pretty high (monthly?) just as for the wind graphs.

Anyway, let me know what you think, what can be improved and what problems you find.

Please read the section of the solar graphs calculation in the manual so you know what you see and what the limits of those graphs are. :!:

Re: CumulusUtils

Posted: Tue 22 Sep 2020 1:26 pm
by HansR
Version 4.5.0 beta 2 is online

version 4.5.0 beta2 (22/9/2020)
  1. Bug fix for correct reading of older records (Solar radiation was introduced in version 1.8.5 and Current theoretical max solar radiation in version 1.9.1. Old logfiles do exist in the wild.
  2. Bug fix for variable interval.
  3. Additional logging for solar graphs wrt the variable interval.
  4. Performance improvement on the creation of the solar graphs wrt the determination of the variable interval.
  5. Number of error messages per datafile are maximised, currently at 10.
  6. Some minor changes to texts and default values of texts.
Please read the section of the solar graphs calculation in the manual so you know what you see and what the limits of those graphs are.

This release has been tested with the datasets of @PaulMy, @meteo19 and @laulau.
Please read the thread on this release, if you have any (additional) remarks please make them there.

Read your logfile after the run that creates the solar graphs, especially the part on the changes of the interval and be surprised like I was. If you see negative values you probably have duplicate records somewhere. Cutils will remove that duplicate if it has a greater distance than 30 minutes, if less than 30 minutes I am not sure what will happen.

If you have updated CMX regularly, you will no doubt have observed that the datafile naming changed somewhere at the end of 2019. This means that e.g. you may find a data file oct.19log.txt and oct19log.txt. This will lead to duplicate data. If you have a duplicate like this, remove the incomplete file with the point in the name (in the abbreviation of the month name) and rename the older files to the new format (without the point) so jan.17log.txt becomes jan17log.txt. This way your data will always be reachable in this new naming convention of CMX.

Remove any file with the word copy in its name in the data directory, they don't belong there.

If any problem arises, please send the logfile for analysis.

Re: CumulusUtils

Posted: Wed 23 Sep 2020 6:13 am
by HansR
Version 4.5.0 is online

No functional changes just the version number and some additional code optimisations.

Re: CumulusUtils

Posted: Thu 24 Sep 2020 2:23 pm
by HansR
Version 4.5.1 is online

version 4.5.1 (24/9/2020)
  1. Solar Graphs: Y-axis description changed from “Daily kilo Watt hour” to “Daily kilo Watt hour per m2”. Note that this is only the default, you have to change your translation yourself.
  2. Website: Finally fixed some HTML errors on the main site but you won't notice.
  3. Maps: Both the user map and the Station map now will always fit within the report view and will be responsive on other devices. The height of both maps is fixed to 750px.
  4. Stationmap: the zoomControl has been removed and scrollWheelZoom has been disabled. Effectively it has become a station map with zoom fixed to the setup used at generation time.
  5. Forecast: SpotWx, Wxsim forecast both now have a 100% width and should be responsive. This does not work well on the Norwegian forecast so that one remains fixed 1000px. Wxsim has not been tested because I don't have it. Please be aware and report back if you need change to keep the result within the report view.
  6. UserMenu: If you wish to use an iframe to start up more complex URLs in the report view, I would advise to use “width='100%' frameborder='0' style='border: 0; height: 75vh;'”.
    This should keep this within report view limits on all devices (not saying it is useful on all devices). I could not get it to work on Effis though. Wxcharts does not do well on the multi plot view. For images please use “width='100%' height='100%'”
This release is the follow up of this discussion about the sizing of CumulusUtils. Although I am sure Mapantz had some monitor resolution wrong, there was the long standing issue of small devices. It should be fixed now although there will always be iframe objects which do not display great on a phone. Remember cutils was designed and developed on a 1920x1080 resolution screen. the dashboard takes 5 columns of the Bootstrap max 12 columns, the reportview takes 7 columns of the max 12 columns. That ratio is fixed. I use Bootstrap for automatic placement of the dashboard units. So that is it.

If you see any anomalies or encounter difficulties, please let me know.