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Ecowitt Advice

GW1000 WiFi gateway
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Ecowitt Advice

Post by griffo42 »

Could I have advice please as to whether or not this device is compatable and will work with CUMX.

ECOWITT HP2551 WiFi Weather Station Large TFT Screen with Solar Powered 7-in-1 Outdoor Sensor, UV Light, Moon Phase, Sunrise/Sunset, Weather Forecast


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Re: Ecowitt Advice

Post by liddelljs »

Hi Keith,
To get this system to work with CMX, you just have to purchase the GW1000 gateway. It is the GW1000 that talks to CMX and it will read the data from the sensor array. I have this setup on one of my stations (redrobin.duckdns.org) but I went the other way. I purchased the GW1001 which is the GW1000 and the 7 sensor array and then added the HP2551 screen. The GW1000 is only about AU$40-$50 or so from Ecowitt (you might also be able to buy from Amazon).


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