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Ecowitt GW1003 Ultrasonic Anemometer

GW1000 WiFi gateway
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Ecowitt GW1003 Ultrasonic Anemometer

Post by KarlS »

My 10 year old Fine Offset station is still working without problems in our harsh Canadian climate -- except for the anemometer, that routinely ices over in sub-zero, humid conditions. So it's time for an upgrade. I'm thinking of the Ecowitt GW1003 with the ultrasonic anemometer (no moving parts that can get stuck). Can anybody share their experience with this device in wintery conditions? Our winter season last 5-6 months, so a working anemometer is important for me.

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Re: Ecowitt GW1003 Ultrasonic Anemometer

Post by rogerthn »

I do have the Ecowitt GW1003 with the ultrasonic anemometer including 10 meter extension cord.
So far, all is well :D

If you can "arrange" for simple access do so.
I did have max wind speed 40 m/s for some hours some time back but it went back to normal without reset.
There was no "winter condition" when this happended

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Re: Ecowitt GW1003 Ultrasonic Anemometer

Post by Gyvate »

After a longer low temperature phase with snowfall, the inbuilt heater of the WS80 - the ultrasonic anemometer and 5-in-1 sensor array - (needs to be connected to an external power supply (12 V)), worked well.
For some time the snow would cover the solar cell and radiation reading (had to take a brush 8-) ), but the anemometer worked nicely and ice melted.
But the brush was also needed for my bi-wing WH65 sensor array ...

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Re: Ecowitt GW1003 Ultrasonic Anemometer

Post by WoodburyMan »

Thank you for your report!

I initially set my station up with a regular anemometer, however I wanted to upgrade to the WS80 Ultrasonic finally now that I found outdoor switched plugs (Turn on a 30F, off at 40F etc) exist for the heater elemement.. however Ecowitt no longer sells these in the US. Their website specifically says no shipping to the US for some reason now. Oh well :(.
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Re: Ecowitt GW1003 Ultrasonic Anemometer

Post by zoomx »

Maybe because of AmbientWeather that is the US seller.

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