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From build 3044 the development baton passed to Mark Crossley. Mark has been responsible for all the Builds since. He has made the code available on GitHub. It is Mark's hope that others will join in this development, but at the very least he welcomes your ideas for future developments (see Cumulus MX Development suggestions).

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Post by brookr »

Could someone please point me to the headers for this file. I have transferred to an Excel spreadsheet and want to name the columns. This is also to understand a little more about CumulusMX and how it all fits together, particularly wrt monthly,and yearly rainfall totals that still show the wrong values. Changing my monthly and year rainfall total of 41.8mm and 654mm is still causing me a headache. :cry:
Thank you

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Re: dayfile.txt

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Re: dayfile.txt

Post by Weerhaas »

Date (dd/mm/yy)|
Highest wind gust|
Bearing of highest wind gust|
Time of highest wind gust|
Minimum temperature|
Time of minimum temperature|
Maximum temperature|
Time of maximum temperature|
Minimum sea level pressure|
Time of minimum pressure|
Maximum sea level pressure|
Time of maximum pressure|
Maximum rainfall rate|
Time of maximum rainfall rate|
Total rainfall for the day|
Average temperature for the day|
Total wind run|
Highest average wind speed|
Time of highest average wind speed|
Lowest humidity|
Time of lowest humidity|
Highest humidity|
Time of highest humidity|
Total evapotranspiration|
Total hours of sunshine|
High heat index|
Time of high heat index|
High apparent temperature|
Time of high apparent temperature|
Low apparent temperature|
Time of low apparent temperature|
High hourly rain|
Time of high hourly rain|
Low wind chill|
Time of low wind chill|
High dew point|
Time of high dew point|
Low dew point|
Time of low dew point|
Dominant wind bearing|
Heating degree days|
Cooling degree days|
High solar radiation|
Time of high solar radiation|
High UV Index|
Time of high UV Index|
High feels like|
Time of high feels like|
Low feels like|
Time of low feels like|
High humidex|
Time of high humidex


Date (dd/mm/yy)|Highest wind gust|Bearing of highest wind gust|Time of highest wind gust|Minimum temperature|Time of minimum temperature|Maximum temperature|Time of maximum temperature|Minimum sea level pressure|Time of minimum pressure|Maximum sea level pressure|Time of maximum pressure|Maximum rainfall rate|Time of maximum rainfall rate|Total rainfall for the day|Average temperature for the day|Total wind run|Highest average wind speed|Time of highest average wind speed|Lowest humidity|Time of lowest humidity|Highest humidity|Time of highest humidity|Total evapotranspiration|Total hours of sunshine|High heat index|Time of high heat index|High apparent temperature|Time of high apparent temperature|Low apparent temperature|Time of low apparent temperature|High hourly rain|Time of high hourly rain|Low wind chill|Time of low wind chill|High dew point|Time of high dew point|Low dew point|Time of low dew point|Dominant wind bearing|Heating degree days|Cooling degree days|High solar radiation|Time of high solar radiation|High UV Index|Time of high UV Index|High feels like|Time of high feels like|Low feels like|Time of low feels like|High humidex|Time of high humidex|Low humidex|Time of low humidex

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Re: dayfile.txt

Post by Big Daddy »

There is a | deliminated txt file in the CumulusMX download package which you can import as a file into Excel.

Its attached

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Re: dayfile.txt

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Much appreciated
Many thanks

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