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New Station, does it work with Cumulus MX?

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New Station, does it work with Cumulus MX?

Post by Buddy1964 »

Hello everybody,

today i have got my new Station...
https://www.froggit.de/product_info.php ... tware.html
It works and ist online with weatherunderground.
So, is it possible to read out this Station with cumulus MX? The can Station can log with about 3600 entrys, so it this Station can be read out with cumulus MX it would be very nice.

Thanks and regards


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Re: New Station, does it work with Cumulus MX?

Post by water01 »

This link does not work so the type of weather station cannot be determined.

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Re: New Station, does it work with Cumulus MX?

Post by ConligWX »

Best way is to check the supported device list if you want to know which stations are supported by CumulusMX

Regards Simon

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Re: New Station, does it work with Cumulus MX?

Post by PaulMy »

CumulusMX works with and has a setting for the Ecowitt GW1000 WiFi gateway. Ecowitt stations that work with that GW1000 will then work with CumulusMX.
I believe Froggit is the same as Ecowitt, just branded different. Also I believe Froggit has its own model number for its equivalent to Ecowitt GW1000 https://www.froggit.de/product_info.php ... ongle.html
So if your Froggit has a GW1000 or equivalent DP1500 it will work with CumulusMX.


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Re: New Station, does it work with Cumulus MX?

Post by galfert »

Previous post by Buddy1964 said he was considering either Froggit WH3000 or WH6000. If he went with the WH3000 then he can add the Froggit DP1500 (GW1000) for use with Cumulus MX. If he went with the Froggit WH6000 then the DP1500 will not work as the two are from two different manufacturers. See the thing is that Froggit sells weather stations manufactured by different companies. The WH3000 and DP1500 are made by Fine Offset, the WH6000 is a Bresser.
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