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CumulusMX Start|Stop - Management Script (CumulusMX

From build 3044 the development baton passed to Mark Crossley. Mark has been responsible for all the Builds since. He has made the code available on GitHub. It is Mark's hope that others will join in this development, but at the very least he welcomes your ideas for future developments (see Cumulus MX Development suggestions).

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CumulusMX Start|Stop - Management Script (CumulusMX

Post by jank » Tue 24 Mar 2020 1:00 pm

CumulusMX Start|Stop - Management Script(s) for RaspberryPi/Linux Systems

Unfortunately the Admin removed this topic by mistake once he restructured the forum and asked me to re-create it again.

The CumulusMX Start|Stop - Management Script will help Linux users to handle CumulusMX on their systems.
With this Script you can run CumulusMX in the backgroud without the need to stay connected to the Linux system.
Since I have it running on a RaspberryPi with Raspbian OS (based debian) it might happen, that this script is not properly running on other Linux distro's

CumulusNow is anot her script I wrote which is a kind of measurement dashboard which visualize the values of your weatherstation in the linux console
CumulusMX init.d is a small startup Script to start cumulusmx.sh when systen starts for those who have problems to start it via crontab


1. Download this Script and extract it to your RaspberryPi
2. Copy the files cumulusmx.sh and cumulusmxsh.conf to your CumulusMX installation folder
3. change the file permissions of the sh script: chmod +x /home/pi/CumulusMX/cumulusmx.sh
4. Use an editor (vi or nano) and modify
a) cumulusmx.sh
at the top you can find a line: INSTPATH="/home/pi/CumulusMX" # Example "/home/pi/CumulusMX" without ending /
change the path to your installation path of CumulusMX. Most users installed CumulusMX in the user pi's home directory.
Example: If you installed CumulusMX in the root, change the line to INSTPATH="CumulusMX"
b) cumulusmxsh.conf
you can modify further settings like TCP Port (where CumulusMX Webserver is listening and many other settings)
there are some locale settings, and some further Backup options for CumulusMX
5. Once you changed the settings to match your environment, you can start CumulusMX
a) /home/pi/CumulusMX/cumulusmx.sh or
b) cd /home/pi/CumulusMX

6. You will see a menue on the windows which gives you some information about the current status of CumulusMX Deamon.

7. the cumulusmx.sh script is having some options available which can be used when starting the script with
./cumulusmx.sh -h

-h HELP, This screen
-s CumulusMX Status
-r Restart CumulusMX
-q Quit CumulusMX
-p [1-65535] Start CumulusMX on TCP Port (Range: 1-65535) or edit the TCP PORT value in cumulusmxsh.conf
-d Resume Screened Session
-b [-z,-t,-d,-c] Backup CumulusMX with zip,tar.gz,dd or Cloud-WebDAV (sudo ./cumulusmx.sh -b [-t,-z,-d,-c] )
-n Cumulus Now - Current WeatherStation values
-l Logfile Viewer (Menu based)
-u Update Cumulus from an official CumulusMXDist3xxx.zip (You will be guided through this Process)
-m Create zip file with the latest MXdiags log
-c Will guide you through a System check: Network Settings/FTP Settings/CumulusMX Basic config check
-system [-r,-q] Option -system will open a reboot/shutdown menu. Additional Options [-r, -q] (./cumulusmx.sh -system -r, -q)
-w Watchdog Option - when script will be called by cron in a loop instead of init.d script
-v Print Version

when you start this script it will start CumulusMX or in case it is alreay running, it can stop or restart CumulusMX

when CumulusMX is running and you start the script with cumulusmx.sh -s it will show a status dashboard

when started with option ./cumulusmx -h it will show you an overview of all available options

when started with option ./cumulusmx.sh -l it will show you a build in logfile viewer to see all relevant CumulusMX Logfiles

when started with option ./cumulusmx.sh -c it will open a check of your CumulusMX installation to detect possible config problems (Network etc)

when started with option ./cumulusmx.sh -c you can detach the background deamon CumulusMX and bring it into the forground again
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