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Legacy Cumulus 1 release v1.9.4 (build 1099) - 28 November 2014 (a patch is available for 1.9.4 build 1099 that extends the date range of the NOAA report and Snow Index drop-down menus to 2030)

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Cumulus unable to upload to website

From build 3044 the development baton passed to Mark Crossley. Mark has been responsible for all the Builds since. He has made the code available on GitHub. It is Mark's hope that others will join in this development, but at the very least he welcomes your ideas for future developments (see Cumulus MX Development suggestions).

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Re: Cumulus unable to upload to website

Post by john09cw »

I Know, does sound very unprofessional :groan: . Thanks Mark

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Re: Cumulus unable to upload to website

Post by xulih »

Same problem here. All stopped working at 08.08am on 19/12/19. A great start to the holidays, the FTP issue also effecting the webcam capture image that uploads every 60 seconds, I am using a trial version of Blue Iris and it seems to work using FTPS on port 21, haven't tried other ports yet, can anyone suggest any other webcam software with FTPS upload for image capture ? sorry for thread hijack. With the cumulus problem , I am using quite an early release, is an upgrade to MX pretty straight forward ? oh and to add insult to injury my wind and rain sensors packed up at the same time ! Merry Christmas everyone.

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