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Future data formats

Discussion and questions about Cumulus weather station software version 1. This section is the main place to get help with Cumulus 1 software developed by Steve Loft that ceased development in November 2014.

How should a future version of Cumulus store its data?

In a local SQL database
In 'flat' text files like the current version
In both simultaneously
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Re: Future data formats

Post by jturlier »

Hello ,
Main personnal computer SQL databases (MySQL or MariaDB, both use the same level of SQL language) are easy to handle. To install locally, the easiest way is to use Wamp softaware (free) which will install MySQL server, Apache server and PHP langage support.
With mysql support, you wouldn't have to bother with the size of files, you can record a bunch of gigabytes of data.

An other positive point is that the response time to requests data will not compare whith the processing of flat files .

You can also easily use highcharts or highstocks libraries wich produce professionnal looking graphs.

I personnally have cumulus 1.9.4 which produces csv files processed by personnal programs loading my tables.

Here is an example : http://www.monsite-meteo.eu/Page/accueil.php clic on "Statistiques" then "Rapport NOAA"

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