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Solar Flares

Discussion and questions about Cumulus weather station software version 1. This section is the main place to get help with Cumulus 1 software developed by Steve Loft that ceased development in November 2014.
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Solar Flares

Post by wd40 »

Yesterday the electric power briefly went off here at the house. I got the computer backup and Cumulus back up and running and it was fine then I started getting the lost sensor contact error that lasted long enough to just about to fill the error log window.
Like all Fine Offsets I get an error or two every couple of weeks but never a long list.

Could the recent solar flare activity be the blame or it was just a coincidence?

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Re: Solar Flares

Post by tecno »

Could the recent solar flare activity be the blame

Sensor contact error = change USB cable as it can be bad/faulty

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Re: Solar Flares

Post by serowe »

wd40 wrote:Could the recent solar flare activity be the blame or it was just a coincidence?

3rd article down (as of Thurs Jan 26) - basically by the time the storm passed over the US it had petered out to 'normal' levels - northern Europe copped the brunt of it.
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