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Error Log

Posted: Tue 24 Apr 2018 5:57 pm
by dashwood
Since the installation of the latest Corel Word Perfect X8 the error log appears each time I start the Cumulus. It lists endless lines, for example:
2018-04-24 19:15:22 : Error plotting charts at line 644 of dayfile.txt: '23,8' is not a valid floating point value
2018-04-24 19:15:22 : Please correct the error by editing dayfile.txt
and it will no longer read records before Word Perfect installation.
Otherwise the program appears to running perfectly.
. and not , is selected in the Regional Settings.

1] I have no idea what editing to carry out; hopefully someone can help.
2] Can I gain access to the historic records; especially of interest would be the lows and highs plus incorporating them into the current records.

I have kept the detail to a minimum and hope this isn't too little.

Re: Error Log

Posted: Tue 24 Apr 2018 6:48 pm
by sfws
dashwood wrote:Corel Word Perfect X8
I'm unsure what "word perfect" has to do with "Cumulus".
dashwood wrote:dayfile.txt: '23,8' is not a valid floating point value
dashwood wrote:. and not , is selected in the Regional Settings
However, the error is clear enough, in your dayfile at line 644 you have some digits with a comma separating the integer and decimal parts of a number, but Cumulus is expecting floating point numbers in different format (it should be 23.8 with a full-stop between the integer and decimal parts because that is how you have set the separator in your settings).
If you examine your dayfile in any plain text editor (not your word perfect) or a "CSV" editor, line 644 will look different to the previous lines, I am guessing but maybe it is shorter due to some corruption.

There is information about editing the log file in the Wiki.

Re: Error Log

Posted: Tue 24 Apr 2018 10:59 pm
by water01
As Corel a word processor it is important that it gets the Regional Settings correct, so are you sure that Corel has not changed your default Regional settings during the install. Did it for instance ask you for a time zone or Country in which case it has probably changed your default user account to a decimal , rather a decimal . (point). I would check all the settings for "All Users" etc.

I would check that thoroughly before editing the file.