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Upload AWS Data to the Interent

Posted: Thu 21 Sep 2017 2:27 pm
by candrasa

This is my first attempt to upload my Weather Station data to the internet, I have PCE FWS 20 Weather Station, so far I have done:

1. Install Easy Weather Radio Control (EWRC) to get the Easyweather.dat file
-question, I have previously installed the newest version of Easy Weather Software but cannot find the easyweather.dat file that required in cumulus, so I uninstalled the software and get back to the original EWRC Software. Does the Newest version of Easyweather software automatically detect the easyweather.dat file?

2. Instal Cumulus version 1.9.4 (build 1099) to connect to the internet
- The problem is, mostly cumulus get an error, the bug report is attached in this post
3. configure the station setting ... sp=sharing, does my setting correct?

4. configure the internet setting ... sp=sharing
- The problem is, I still doubting myself whether my configuration is correct?
- I imagined that the realtime.txt from cumulus folder in the local drive will be connected to the web folder in which the realtime.txt will be read by the template in the remote folder using cumulus software is this also correct?

5. configure the FTP for

6. applied the web templates for ... sp=sharing
- The problem is, it only get sync for 1st time to my weather station, and still offline but for the other link it can be online

Do I miss something, because my web still not displaying the current status of my Weather Station condition?

Please help, thanks

Re: Upload AWS Data to the Interent

Posted: Fri 22 Sep 2017 8:07 am
by sfws
If your weather station is a standard Fine Offset one, you don't need to use EasyWeather, Cumulus can talk direct, use the WH1080 etc non-solar station type. Your point 3 is set wrongly. As Steve says in reply to your other post, you are trying to do too much in one step. Don't worry about the internet update (and using Brian's template) until Cumulus (MX or 1 whichever you are using) is successfully reading from the weather station.

If I have misunderstood and you do need to use EasyWeather for some reason, have you looked at the Wiki ... ile_Format where it mentions something about Easyweather versions, obviously it is probably very out of date now as it dates from December 2013.

Re: Upload AWS Data to the Interent

Posted: Fri 22 Sep 2017 1:35 pm
by PaulMy
As sfws says, if you have a standard Fine Offset that Cumulus supports select that instead of the .dat station type.
In the Internet settings you can tick the Enable realtime and realtime.txt FTP and you won't need to add it to your extra files setting (which, from your link, is set incorrect as well).

I am not familiar with but expect you would still need to enter the correct Web Site settings in Sites/Options


Re: Upload AWS Data to the Interent

Posted: Sat 23 Sep 2017 7:09 am
by candrasa
Thank you PaulMy and sfws :)

I found some trouble when I tried to configure the station and the internet settings on cumulus,

I am sorry that yesterday I didn't attach the bug report from cumulus, here is the bug report of the problem

Re: Upload AWS Data to the Interent

Posted: Sat 23 Sep 2017 7:29 am
by sfws
candrasa wrote:here is the bug report of the problem
The bug report is 'double dutch' to me, all it tells me is that you are using Cumulus 1. You have not responded to Steve's point about not using Cumulus MX and Cumulus 1 at the same time, but I hope you can confirm that the only software attempting to connect to your station is a single instance of Cumulus 1?
candrasa wrote:I found some trouble when I tried to configure the station

What Paul and I have said is that you need to choose a station type of "Fine Offset (wh1080 etc)". You have not said whether you have selected that now or not, although as EasyWeather is not mentioned in the bug report maybe you have made the change. Nor have you indicated whether you are seeing changing readings from your station on the main screen.

Re: Upload AWS Data to the Interent

Posted: Sat 23 Sep 2017 7:59 am
by candrasa
Hi Sfws :)

I'am sorry, currently I am using both Cumulus1 and CumulusMX but in different time as Steve mention before

When I use Cumulus1, the software give me some errors when I tried to configure the Station and any other buttons that I try to access, It has been like that since yesterday, therefore I sent you the bug report that is when I am using Cumulus1, my intention is to choose another station which is Fine Offset (wh1080) but the software is not responding.

appologies not to mention before, but I created another post the problem that I have for CumulusMX in CumulusMX forum

as for the website settings, I will try to configure my web display on my subdomain as the primary weather station display