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Enter trace for rainfall

Discussion and questions about Cumulus weather station software version 1. This section is the main place to get help with Cumulus 1 software developed by Steve Loft that ceased development in November 2014.
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Red Raspberry
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Enter trace for rainfall

Post by Red Raspberry »

I'm part of the CoCoRHaS rainfall network. When entering my daily report they have a way to enter trace amounts of rain or snow, using T. It would be nice to be able to enter this too in Cumulus .

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Re: Enter trace for rainfall

Post by PaulMy »

I use the "Current" field to get the previous 24 hours snowfall on my Cumulus template page, including 'Trace', and the "Weather Diary" for the snow "Lying, Depth and Falling" - if there is a trace of snow I leave the "Lying" and "Depth" un-ticked, and tick "Falling". However, I don't do anything manual in Cumulus for rain. I do keep a manual log of the CoCoRaHS daily precipitation reported and what the Davis/Cumulus shows.


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Cumulus Author
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Re: Enter trace for rainfall

Post by steve »

Cumulus isn't intended for manual observations, it's for reading and displaying data from an automatic weather station. I did add the manual entry of snow as an exception, because at the time I lived somewhere with significant snowfall, and occasionally I allow myself the luxury of adding something to Cumulus which I find useful myself.

As Paul says, there are fields for entering text manually, such as the current conditions field, and the 'diary'.

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