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Cumulus Virus????

Posted: Wed 14 May 2014 10:29 pm
by Intheswamp
Ok, I got your apologies.

As for a virus, what would really make me sick is if suddenly Cumulus was updates, no support, no new versions, no...

It's a solid, great program...if it wasn't you probably wouldn't be using it, eh?

But, sometimes a person appreciates being appreciated for the work they do...and when they're not appreciated, well, they feel unappreciated. And, when they feel unappreciated for the work they do...sometimes they feel like ceasing to do it.

Do you use Cumulus? Have you sent Steve a little something in appreciation for what he's created? ("something" means "moolah", "do-ra-mi", "cashola", "greebacks", "pounds", "gold", "precious jewels", "priceless famly heirlooms", whatever...)

If you have sent him something is it close to your station's yearly anniversary of using Cumulus? I'm making it a point to send "something" close to the birthday of my weather station each year. I've seen where several (lots?) of people do annual or maybe bi-annual "something".

Now, if you're along for a free ride, well, don't you think it's about time to "man up" and put a quarter in the machine to keep the horses going around?

Sorry to be so blunt about all of this but I want Cumulus to live a long, long life....and for Steve to be happy and chase butterflies in the park, eat the finest steaks and sail the seven seas and.....keep making Cumulus bigger and better!!! ;)

Thanks Steve, for the great weather station software!!!!


Re: Cumulus Virus????

Posted: Thu 15 May 2014 6:26 pm
by duke
I first read this post early this morning and now I am back at my PC I am surprised no one else has commented.

Ed - well said :clap:

I believe I have made a donation to Steve each year I have used Cumulus for his on going hard work. Several of the software's on my PC require a payment/subscription each year for the use of. Something I am more than happy to do for the support/updates etc. I think that's only fair if you use it.

I for one would be more than happy if Cumulus worked in this way. The problem with 'donation ware' is that people forget the 'donation' part and take the '####'!

Re: Cumulus Virus????

Posted: Sun 18 May 2014 8:47 am
by westonweather
I too would be deeply upset to see Cumulus disappear into internet history. It's a great program, uncomplicated, but works very well. I don't touch my Cumulus server month to month, it just keeps running without crashes and without needing reboots. Current server uptime 83 days.

I made a donation about a week after installing Cumulus and realising what a gem I had come across. I too would be happy to make an annual "support" donation.

Maybe this is something you could consider Steve? Restricting support forum access to "supporters", rather than "users"?

Re: Cumulus Virus????

Posted: Mon 19 May 2014 4:50 pm
by Intheswamp
Thanks for the feedback, guys. I was hoping I wasn't stepping to far out of line with my rant. :) Though there's only been two replies so far, it looks like the post has gotten several views.

I think people should not have to be forced into paying their own way. People should feel compelled to pay their own way out of a sense of decency and responsibility. Not helping out with the costs of producing software such as Cumulus is similar to catching a ride to work with someone each day but never offering to pay for gas or any other expenses...simply along for the free ride. What is interesting with that is that if the person that owned the car suddenly told the free rider that he couldn't haul him anymore because of expenses, the free rider would speak badly of the car owner for not "letting" him ride. People are strange creatures.

A small story...

One Friday a deadbeat is hanging out on the street corner when a nicely dressed man walks by. The man stops for a moment, opens up his wallet and hands the surprised deadbeat a twenty-dollar bill and then continues on his way. The following Friday the deadbeat is on the same street corner when the well dressed gentleman comes walking by again, stops, and again hands the happy deadbeat another twenty-dollar bill. The deadbeat starts anticipating and looking for the well dressed man on Fridays...the deadbeat thinks the man is a saint or something.

This goes on every Friday for a several months and the deadbeat eagerly looks forward to his Friday windfall from this wonderful, well dressed man. One Friday, though, the well dressed man comes down the street but passes by the deadbeat without so much as nodding. This infuriates the deadbeat who already had plans for "his" twenty-dollar bill so he hollers at the man inquiring where "his money" is. The well dressed man responds that he doesn't have the time nor resources to continue to give the deadbeat the twenty-dollar bill each week but he is in need of someone to do some work for him and that he would gladly pay the deadbeat to do that work.

The deadbeat is infuriated that this well dressed man is telling him that if he wants *his* money that he will have to work for it, the very nerve of him implying that he should work for *his* money!!! What an insult!!!! The deadbeat then unleashes a string of obscenities and degrading remarks towards the well dressed man, the man's family, the man's dog, and anything else that he feels he can say against the well dressed man....and storms away.

Though the deadbeat had not worked for any of the twenty-dollar bills that the well dressed man had freely given him, over a period of time he began to rationalize that the man owed him that money, that it was *his* money and *his* to use as he wished. When the source of that free money ended suddenly, in the deadbeat's eyes, the well dressed man was a shyster, a person not to be trusted, and a greedy snob.

Sadly, much of our global society (and a tremendous amount of the American society...I won't get into our broken welfare/free-loading system) identifies with the deadbeat...somebody looking for a free ride or a free twenty-dollar bill.

Apply that little story as you like. :|

Best wishes,

Re: Cumulus Virus????

Posted: Mon 19 May 2014 5:01 pm
by duke
broken welfare/free-loading system
You have that too................hhmmm, don't get me started!!!

Re: Cumulus Virus????

Posted: Mon 19 May 2014 6:05 pm
by The PIT
Dunno why Steve doesn't make a paid version.
You pay for Weatherlink You pay for Weather display and you pay for other versions.
Cumulus is a very good program better than most. The support polite when you ask a question.
Would be a shame for it to disappear into the swanny.

Re: Cumulus Virus????

Posted: Tue 20 May 2014 11:27 pm
by Viking
Well I have been using Cumulus for just two days now and like it very much, so will be making a donation in the very near future. It works well with my new Davis Vantage Vue and is giving good results so far.


Re: Cumulus Virus????

Posted: Sun 25 May 2014 3:31 am
by Intheswamp
Viking wrote:Well I have been using Cumulus for just two days now and like it very much, so will be making a donation in the very near future. It works well with my new Davis Vantage Vue and is giving good results so far.

It's a workhorse, Viking, and will do you well.