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Volunteers Please - Cumulus MX Documentation

Please use this Forum to make suggestions for the future updates additions and general maintenance of the Wiki. Since I am sure most of these will be valid suggestions, so as they are completed in the Wiki the Topic will be deleted from this Forum, and this will act as reminder to anyone updating the Wiki of the jobs still to be done.
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Volunteers Please - Cumulus MX Documentation

Post by mcrossley »

I am acutely aware that Cumulus MX is badly lacking in the documentation area. I'm busy patching bugs and adding C1 catch-up features, so do we have a small group of people who are willing to put some time into creating this?

I see two areas...
  • A manual type document, with sections on say getting started, different platforms, and the various station configs. Then further sections explaining basic setup.
  • Maybe some short videos showing the "how-to's"
Now a lot of this information is already available spread across forum posts and the Wiki. The obvious solution for me would be a new section in the Wiki, that pulls all the information together, gets rid of old redundant stuff, and presents it in logical manner.

Its a big task, but that's why I cannot do it by myself.

Over to you guys and gals.

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Re: Volunteers Please - Cumulus MX Documentation

Post by ExperiMentor »

I'd be happy to give some help, but also cannot do it alone.
I'd need someone else to lead the project and advise how to get started.

Completely agree that the best use of Mark's time is the actual program development (and answering the difficzult questions the rest of us cannot ...)


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Re: Volunteers Please - Cumulus MX Documentation

Post by prodata »

This is a great idea, albeit one that I don't have the expertise to contribute to myself.

But could I make a plea not to overlook the simple, obvious stuff in any webpage/documentation/video. There are many weather station users out there (not always the most expert of computer users) who are not yet familiar with CMX and might really benefit from a basic page or short video that just explains what CMX is and does; what its main features are; and is illustrated with screenshots. This doesn't need to be minutely detailed - just a summary of the main basics.

Potential users would then find it a lot easier to decide whether to explore CMX further and follow up on any more detailed instructions that may be provided separately. As far as I'm aware, there's no resource out there at present that provides a simple, accessible summary of CMX and its features. The lack of such a summary is very possibly limiting the number of users who reach the point of checking out CMX.
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Re: Volunteers Please - Cumulus MX Documentation

Post by sfws »

see viewtopic.php?f=27&t=17837#p138707

Maybe I've posted in the wrong topic, but the above post describes how I have worked in the Wiki on the Cumulus MX page, the FAQ page, and the various log file pages.

It also includes a further appeal for people to contribute.

Can I add here that there is a FAQ section on the wiki {EDIT - see my later post, I had wrong page reference here, sorry, but even I don't know what is available on the Wiki if it is not linked from the main page}. I have added a number of points from my scanning of this MX sub-forum. All of them need to be expanded into proper answers by somebody who understands the individual issue. So now you have some pointers towards where you could contribute.
prodata wrote:
Sun 01 Mar 2020 9:45 am
is illustrated with screenshots
In the past, I did lots of screenshots from Cumulus 1 and added them to the Wiki https://cumuluswiki.org/a/Cumulus_Screenshots. Several no longer display a picture. So there is a need to check which pictures don't work (it appears to be any .jpg) and sort that out.

Somebody who uses MX and has better expertise than me on inserting pictures files into a Wiki should up load some pictures of the various MX screens, then I or another can add them to articles.
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