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Wiki page(s) for deletion

Please use this Forum to make suggestions for the future updates additions and general maintenance of the Wiki. Since I am sure most of these will be valid suggestions, so as they are completed in the Wiki the Topic will be deleted from this Forum, and this will act as reminder to anyone updating the Wiki of the jobs still to be done.
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Wiki page(s) for deletion

Post by sfws »

I have started a new topic, that maybe others will contribute to in the future.

Having now largely caught up with the vast number of MX releases and changes required to update the Wiki to get it up to date with latest MX release, I have been looking at some of the "Special pages" reports to see what Wiki pages I might have missed out on updating. I have discovered (and where possible resolved) a few faulty links and found some pages where someone has created two with very slightly different titles or whatever. A typical problem is getting the upper/lower case different and ending up with two pages

One example of two Wiki pages created with very slightly different titles, the earlier one was created at 00:11, 2 April 2020‎ and should be deleted, while the one created at 01:37, 2 April 2020‎ with the contents of the first repeated, (and then more added in several subsequent edits) should be kept.

To be specific keep https://cumuluswiki.org/a/CumulusMX_and ... l_Websites
Please can administrator delete https://cumuluswiki.org/a/CumulusMX_and ... e_Websites

Do we need to keep pages like "Webtag" that simply redirects to "Webtags" ? There are probably other abandoned pages like that, some have redirects, some do not.

Here is an example of getting the upper/lower case different and ending up with two pages https://cumuluswiki.org/a/CumulusWiki:About (I don't have ability to edit that page) links to https://cumuluswiki.org/a/About_cumulus, but should link to https://cumuluswiki.org/a/About_Cumulus. If that change is made, then there will be another page to delete!
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Re: Wiki page(s) for deletion

Post by HansR »

Yes, sfws, good work, good point! How is the wiki working anyway. It's always been a riddle to me.
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