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NOAA on V3130

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NOAA on V3130

Post by G6GUH »

Since upgrading from V3122 to V3130 the NOAA reports no longer show on my website.

Raspberry pi

Upgraded as I usually do by stopping Cumulus, backed up to my backup files, renamed working program on pi, uploaded new version to pi. copied cumulus.ini and data folder over. restarted and the next day there were no NOAA files to display, I've been through all options on setting and could not find any missed settings. I updated the webfiles .

any idea what I have missed/ messed up ?

thanks Pete


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Re: NOAA on V3130

Post by mcrossley »

Did you copy over the /Reports folder - that is where the NOAA reports are stored.

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Re: NOAA on V3130

Post by ConligWX »

you need to edit the http://www.cardingmillweather.co.uk/js/noaarpts.js file


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let rptPath = '';  // Your path should have a trailing "/", eg. 'Reports/'

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let rptPath = 'Reports/';  // Your path should have a trailing "/", eg. 'Reports/'
or to whatever folder your noaa reports are ftp'd too
Regards Simon

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